Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beach Day

My friend invited us to drive down to Monterey for a beach day with her kids. We thought...What the heck!!! It's Summer, we gotta get at least one beach day in. We packed up our lunches, tents and beach toays and headed out in the morning. It was a foggy start but by the end of the day it burned off...And the wind picked up.

The day before the beach trip Freckles and I headed over to Home Depot for this tent project. I found it on Pinterest and had to make it for trips like this or even to be able to take them to the park. Perfect for Freckles to climb under, giving her shade etc...and a nice place to read her books. The project for two wood frames cost less then $20 bucks!!! We added Vintage Full flat sheets over the frame...It's functional and cute!! Later when we have time...We are going to paint our frames in cute colors. We can switch out the covers at any time for a different look too!!!

The rest of the day us Momma's chatted and watched the kids build their sand castle mote, play frisbee, and splash in the waves. Towards the end of our day the wind picked up and blew the beach umbrella backwards and the tents fell...We were literally getting sandblasted so decided it was time to go.....It was fun but Freckles and I both decide that we just are not beach bunnies...We'd rather be at a pool swimming in clean water and void of sand. Once in a while I am sure we will visit the beach, but let's just say...It is not one of our favorite spots!!!!
Hope you all are having a great Summer...hard to believe it's almost over!!!!

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