Monday, September 8, 2014

School Snippets~ Week Two

My little student awakes at 5:45 a.m. on her Academy days. It's still early for us...But she is really excited about it. Her new backpack came, so shes ready to go with all her books to her classes. This year she is taking:

Earth Science~Christian perspective
World History/ Medieval/Renaissance
Literature and Composition/Humanities
Physical Ed.
Latin 1
Christian Studies/Logic

I make sure she has a good breakfast and a spinach/fruit smoothie. She goes to bed at a good hour to get plenty of rest for her long day in classes. On Mondays after school she will also babysit for a few hours, Then every other Friday she will also begin her Speech Club meetings. So far this last week started off well as she got up on
 home days to do her assignments and worked diligently and independently. 
Makes Momma proud.

I packed her a really good bento lunch that consisted of spaghetti squash, Italian herbed meatballs with marinara sauce, watermelon,pineapple and grapes, along with a wild berry fruit leather and a bit of cashews and popcorn. And of course a little note goes into her lunch to encourage her.

Now on to week two. She has a busy busy, 
very full load of work ahead of her.
Happy Work week!!!

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