Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Freckles and I took a little trip to the Thrift shop...Momma brought home some bright, fun goodies. I have been collecting vintage sheets and linens for a while now and stashing them away for craft projects. They all have been sitting for sometime now, waiting for me to get out of this crazy funk hiatus I have been in since the last year. It has been a hard year 1/2...But I am just about feeling ready to start creating again. There were a couple false starts in the past months as I just wasn't feeling it. It is also hard to believe that my Gramma passed away just about 8 months ago. It hit me pretty hard and I lost interest in many things that I loved to do, one is I stopped making things...I feel it is time to take some steps forward and make stuff again...Gramma would have wanted me too...I know this. The past couple months I have drawn out a bit of a plan in revamping my little business...I already changed the name of my business to Frolicking Freckles a while back.... Now it's time to make it happen and bring it to fruition.  

Bare with me as I find my rhythm and find my inner creativity once again. I'm even asking for prayer in this. Depression is a real thing friends. Sometimes it is hard to come back from it. I know for certain though I don't want to be there anymore. I am broken and flawed with good intentions. But, I have to force myself out of this or I fear I would never get well. I really appreciate you all, my dear readers.....Prayer is powerful too...I could really use them right now.


  1. I totally understand my friend. I just left my blog where I posted about my own depression. I'm very glad you are feeling better though. Creating will be so good for you, and yes, you are so right.......grandma would certainly want you too, and be glad for it ;) Can't wait to see what you create with those wonderful vintage sheets. Blessings friend

  2. I too know where you come from. Depression is real...even for Christians. I do pray that you get your "creative side" back very soon. I love your stash of vintage sheets. I want some to make drapes!! Look up!!