Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thrift Shopping For Men....

As a frugal gal....I do a lot of thrift shopping. Most everything we own is secondhand. Through the years I have found a lot of great bargains that were in our budget and nice. Just because it is thrifted certainly does not mean it's not nice. We have always been on a tight budget...I grew up fairly learn to appreciate things and to be frugal with everything from buying groceries to buying clothes. I do buy things new at times...But mostly I will buy secondhand. I think even if I had a ton of money in my budget to spend. I might splurge a little, but to be honest, the way I grew up and the years of using frugality...I would probably still look out for the clearance racks and bargains. My husband appreciates the bargains I come home with. It doesn't break the bank. He doesn't mind one bit if I came home with secondhand clothing for him either. Which brings me to this post. He is not one to go shopping for himself. He does not enjoy shopping. Mainly, I have been the one to pick out his clothing over our 20 years of marriage. He feels I have a good eye and my taste is suitable. And, he always likes what I choose for him. He is a simple kind of guy. He is not one that is too concerned, or fussy with his looks or fashion. He is most comfortable in a pair of jeans a T~shirt.

In the most recent years he has tired of wearing just a T~shirt and started to wear casual button ups or polos. That's simple enough. He does however have a preference to colors. He will absolutely not choose to wear pink or purple, nor will he wear pastels or gaudy prints. He generally stays in the earth tones. He like plaids and stripes...Which makes my job very easy. He is still a young man, so I try to stay with what is "IN"...Still keeping to a classic comfortable look. Thrifting for him can be hard at times...depending on the stock of the store. I choose gently worn with no stains or new items. Many are name brand or just nice. I also try to stay in a good price range. While thrifting I do not like to spend over $8 for a shirt. The most recent purchases I made ranged from $5~$7. Sometimes I will have a stamp card from my local thrift that gives me 30% off my entire purchase, or look for tag sales, or clothing sales. If I donate two bags of stuff to my local shop, they in return give me a 25% off voucher for my next purchase. These all come in handy while shopping for my man. 

I was able to buy him 6 button ups, short and long sleeved on sale this week for a whopping total of  $20. It was a great bargain...And he loved what I chose for him! If you are looking for a great gift or just need to stock up on some good clothes for the man, and you or your guy in your life doesn't care if it's second hand...I highly recommend thrift shopping. There are great bargains..A great place to find a whole wardrobe under a fraction of the cost for new things. The items I bought here, are in such great shape, you can't even tell they were previously owned. We are on a budget...This is how we roll. I am not ashamed... not one bit. And boy is he gonna look good!

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