Saturday, November 29, 2014

Vintage Tins~ Gift Ideas

I recently ran across a post on one of my fave blogs about gift wrapping ideas. This is nothing new I am sure. I have been using tins/gifting for years. And perhaps you have too. I thought about some of my own gift ideas and gave it my personal spin....Perhaps you will find some inspiration to this clever gift giving in vintage tins yourself. Tins are fun to use. I use them in my home for everyday uses like, holding pens or crayons, craft supplies, sewing needfuls and buttons, foodie items, and jewelry The possibilities are endless, especially if you find a cute tin. I like vintage tins. You can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes and prints, some very colorful or plain...However you like it. I spend between .50 cents~$1.99 on tins in thrift shops or garage sales. You can store them away fairly easily and keep them on hand when you need to give a gift on a whim. I came up with three delightful tin gifting ideas for three sorts of people. 

The Seamstress/Quilter:

I found this sweet quilty looking tin, making it the perfect tin for that special seamstress/quilter. I am a regular in thrift shops so, many of the items I used are finds I had on hand. These sorts of thins are great to purchase and set aside for fun gifts such as this. I added in a couple vintage spools of thread, a vintage tomato pin cushion with needles/pins, a measuring tape, an old thimble, an old pair of sewing scissors, a wooden peg doll, vintage fabric yo yo's and a string of old buttons. Everything nestled perfectly inside with a stack of quarter fabric bundles. I used old tissue from dress patterns. And made a dress pattern tissue flower to top the tin with.
 I pick up old patterns thriftng. Makes great gift tissue! I tied some yarn around the tin and added a tag with a fun little vintage bird in a basket...along with a word card that says QUILT. 

The Tea Lover

I found this tin and had to get it. With it's vibrant colors and sweet picture...It was the perfect tin to use for a tea lover like myself. It was big enough to hold a dainty antique tea cup. I added two different teas and sweetener, a little sugar spoon, a tea house strainer and a little gift book all about tea! It is a lovely gift for the lady who enjoys a nice cup of tea at noon as she reads Jane Austin novels.. Tie a piece of scrap fabric around the tin and add an antique picture or postcard with an oragami bird. Truly a thoughtful gift indeed.

The Writer

For this tin, I kept my daughter in mind She is not only a writer but an avid reader and enjoys painting her nails and doing scrap booking crafts...So... I found this Country Winter themed tin and added vibrant, fun things inside, any writer would enjoy. I added a stack of different note cards and envelopes, a little journal note pad, a vintage reproduction ball point pen, a pencil, library stamp and little lists to fill in, washi tapes, a little gift book about Father Christmas Letters, some nail polish...Because you know your fingers have to look good when you are writing....And let's not forget the hand sanitizer...You don't want to have sticky fingers. I suggest even adding things like lotion for the hands and even some lip gloss...Some writers tend to stick their tongues out when they are writing...So it comes in handy.

These gifts are OOAK and perfectly suited for that special individual. Who wouldn't love a gift that was thoughtfully put together and themed, with you in mind? Make the gift unique by using vintage items and a little bit of this and that inside for fun!

For the little things:
I find things such as washi tapes and stationary cards in Michaels, Target, Dollar Tree and Daiso. Everything is very inexpensive. It will just take a bit of imagination and clever thinking on your part to make this gift. Like I said before the possibilities are endless.
You can do one for:
 The Baker
The Cook
The Artist
The Student
The Kid
The Candy Lover
The Cookie Monster
A baby shower gift
The Neighbor
The Hostess With The Mostess

Have fun creating!
 Stop by and share your ideas!


  1. Mica! Thanks for the fabulous ideas and your fun blog! Merry Christmas~

  2. Such a great idea, and you made them look so fun. Now, my brain is going wild with all the possibilities ;) Blessings my friends

  3. Love the idea of using a tin to hold all kinds of themed treasures!! Thanks for sharing!!