Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Jammies & The Christmas Stocking...

Christmas traditions are extra special. We have enjoyed many different little traditions in our family since our kids were little ones. And even though our son is grown and living on his own and our girl is still home...She may be a teenager, but she still loves the traditions. She looks forward to the special Christmas Jammie's she gets every year and The Stocking she gets to open when she wakes up Christmas Eve Morning. I love it too. I make or find the special jammie's that will be worn throughout the year before getting the new ones next Christmas. I usually give them their jammie's the night before Christmas Eve, so they can wear them to bed and when they wake...They have them on while opening up The Christmas Stocking

The Stocking is filled with particular items every year. It consists of:
Something to Read, something to eat, something to play with and something you need. I place The Stocking in their bedroom while they sleep. And when they wake on Christmas Eve...(even if no one else is awake or with them) They can open The Stocking and enjoy their goodies. It's a nice way to have a quiet morning, make breakfast while they are reading the book they have wanted so badly. The treat tides them over while they wait for Christmas Eve breakfast. The thing to play with can be a little toy or game or puzzle. That will also keep them amused for the morning. The something they need. I add in something like socks, or bubble bath...Just something they can use throughout the year.

This is a tradition I will hang onto for as long as I can. I am sending my son a stocking of his own via snail mail..Because your never too old to enjoy some Christmas fun! This year I let Freckles have her jammie's early...But...She will have to wait on The Stocking just a couple more days. 

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  1. Family traditions are great. The ones we had , my now grown children do the same. Love Bre's jammies. Blessings