Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Afternoon Alone

Today I had an afternoon to myself. Freckles was at school and Mr. Darling was busy working at home. I had to kill four hours...So off I went to "Not Too Shabby" in San Jose. 
It was really nice to browse slowly through the whole place.
 I wasn't in a rush. and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was me time! 

The old chippy, rusted, charm and goodness was complete eye candy. I actually went through some of it twice just to get a good look through every cranny. And how I wanted to take many things home...It just wasn't in the budget to do so.

After a time there, I went to a couple thrift stores an found some treasures that I could afford. I spent three hours in the thrift shops, went down every isle and almost every rack. 

I found a couple large tins...One I will use in something crafty and the other will be for my garden. I also found two little tart tins which will also be used in crafty goodness. I found a sweet yellow rose ring and yellow bangle, two cotton tops which were brand new from Old Navy, a sweet sweater, a lacy skirt for my sons girlfriend, two vintage books, a lace table cloth, a vintage yellow ceramic basket bowl, two granny square tops I am thinking maybe making them into throw pillows or crochet them together to make a purse. we'll see. I also found this funky, colorful piggy bank..which I think I may be using in my garden as well. I have mental plans for my garden...Will share soon. I also picked up some colorful plastic Easter eggs, a sweet Easter basket for Freckles,With all I bought, I picked sale tags and had a 30% off coupon and left spending $40 bucks. Now that is a deal for all I got!
It was a good day for popping tags!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day out,and some great finds too.......blessings