Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day

My friend Viv and I did another swap together. She sent me this cute Patriotic Mouse...So cute it reminded me of my childhood pet rat named Sammy. A sweet lil guy who lived almost five years. He was trained to come by name and would walk around the house and sit on my shoulder. I cried for a good year over his death....So this mouse/rat that Viv sent will forever be special to me.

We didn't make any huge plans for the fourth...Freckles and I were a little under the weather and to be honest we just didn't want to be out in the crowds. My hubby and a friend from church drove his vintage Ford Falcon along with a few gals from church in the town parade to advertise our church in the community. Then later that day we went to a BBQ at our church friends home. We cut out a bit early since Freckles was home with our dog...Then of course the fireworks started and freaked out K9 out till almost midnight.

Hope you all had a great day celebrating the birth of our nation. May God bless America, especially more so, with all the horrible things going on in our country. 
Happy Summer!!!

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  1. Great parade idea! Sounds like a fun day except for poor Missy. Our dogs were okay and skated by the fireworks in our neighborhood but then some jerk shot 12 rounds off at 11:30 and so I was up until after 1AM trying to calm them down.
    Why do people think they have to shoot a gun to celebrate. Dangerous in more ways than one.
    Love you guys!