Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Faire Workshop~ Seed Packets

I can't even tell you how good for the soul this workshop has been for me. It has been so long that I have really created anything much in the past couple years. On top of that, I am pretty new to water colors and actually like it quite a bit. It is very forgiving...As well as inspiring and fun. This lesson was by Artist Valerie Weller...She showed her versions of seed packets and encouraged the students to either do what she was doing or come of with something of your own. I decided to do my own thing using her techniques. I drew/designed up my strawberry packet on my own, but the watermelon seeds with the little girl on it was inspired by an antique/vintage seed packet. I just had to paint her...It was adorable!

This week Valerie has another project with herb pots (so cute)...
I am doing mine on a canvas board. Hope it turns out good. Well that's all I got for today!!! 
Happy Summer!!!!

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