Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teatime Tuesday~Autumn Date Ideas

Happy Tuesday...It's time for tea with me!

The weather is cooling...It's been a busy Summer and trying to get back into routines as school is back in session...Then you try to remember when the heck was the last time you had a date with your honey... Summers are spent with the family and busy activities with the kiddo's..But date nights were put on the back burner. Let's slow things down a bit. Let us not forget a little romance. Autumn is a great time to rekindle the flame. 

I am blessed that my man works from home...So when our girl is taking her classes on Monday's and Wednesday's we can fit in a little morning brunch together alone. Even if it's a Saturday morning and you can find a moment in that one morning by yourselves...This would be a sweet treat for you and your main squeeze. Perhaps a little breakfast in bed before the kids wake up...A nice cup of hot tea and a piece of cake to share is always nice. A quiet moment to chat about life or even prayer time or reading a passage from the bible while the kids are away or playing for ten minutes.

*Bundle up and take a walk around the block together and look at all the trees leaves changing color and falling to the ground...Collect the leaves you find...Don't forget to hold hands.

*When the kids go to bed, grab a quilt and a hot tea/hot chocolate and snuggle/cuddle outside under the stars. You can star gaze or perhaps share a little kiss while holding each other close. 

*Pack up an Autumn picnic with blankets/quilts and enjoy an Autumn themed bounty under a tree or by a pond at a park. Bring a thermos of your favorite hot beverage or hot soup with crackers and a lovely Autumn salad or a rotisserie chicken with sides.

*Carve pumpkins together

*Play some board games

*Spend S'more time together
Light a fire and make S'mores. Feed each other marshmallows...
Stuff your mouths and try to sneak in a kiss...Laughter and giggles are good medicine to the soul.

*Cuddle and watch the sun set

*Grab a pumpkin spiced latte and go on a bookstore date

*Find a corn maze and go through it together. 
Night corn mazes are romantic too! 

*Going to The County Fair together is always a fun little afternoon trip..
Be kids together! Share a corn dog or some cotton candy...Pet a critter.

*Go apple picking and Antique shopping 
then bake something up together with the apples you bring home!

*Pick up some maple donuts and apple cider for breakfast and watch the sun come up.

*Watch a chick flick or an old classic film together...
Who said you need your gal friends to do this one...
Put the kids to bed and pop up some pop corn and midnight snacks. Munch, 
crunch and cuddle under a quilt and watch a good for the heart & soul movie!

*Go to a Bed & Breakfast for a weekend getaway!

Dating your husband/wife keeps the flame kindled and feeds the fires of romance. Don't forget the times you spent together before getting married and having a family. You used to love spending time with this person doing fun activities. By dating your spouse on a regular basis you fuel the fire that brought you there in the first place. You will realize that he/she is your most favorite person in the whole world. You are telling them they are a priority and you are in love with them just like the old days. Your relationship will grow and strengthen if you 
make it a priority to spend some special time with your husband/wife. 
I pray you will reconnect, rekindle and reunite your hearts and souls.

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  1. Beautiful post Mica! You really put some time into it and it is wonderful and so true.
    I love you guys