Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Teatime Tuesday~Start Every Morning With God~Bible Art Journaling Through James

It's time for Teatime Tuesday! 
Let's start every morning with God!!!
Hope ya'll had a wonderful week! Today I made a nice cup of hot Blueberry Tea with a dash of Stevia in one of my favorite mugs from a Christian Artist: 
The mugs are no longer available but there are 
prints you can buy and frame in her shop. I decided it was finally time to use this sweet Bible Journal Mr. Darling ( Preacher Man ) got me a while back. I had great intentions to use it sooner but just kinda put it off. This darling Bible Journal was found online but also no longer in stock. If your interested in starting a Bible Journal yourself...Don't fret, you can find them out there. Freckles and I have been hoarding cute pens, washie tapes, stickers, stamps etc.... for using in our journaling projects...So we are ready to rock it!! 

My Preacher Man started preaching through the Book of James this last Lord's Day, as we are also doing our own personal family Bible study at home to get a deeper understanding of The Book Of James. So naturally I decided to journal in James too! What a great way to start the morning. With God and His word! I admit I have failed in my morning devotions with the Lord...But we are moving forward with this together using it in our family devotion time. The journaling itself has given me inspiration...I really love the idea that you can make creative pages along with favorite verses throughout scripture...Being that I am a doodler by nature, this is the perfect fit for me.

For me personally, this is the perfect book to be going through. As of late I have been struggling with trials in my life and sometimes they bring me down pretty low. However, it is encouraging to know that my Lord is inspiring me and encouraging me to face these trials with joy!! I have the disposition of letting things get to me and it digs down deep into my heart and soul to where I get depressed or have anxiety...I tense up to where I can't relax my body...
which turns to making myself completely ill. 
Keeping in the word reminds me that I need to rely on Him and ask Him for help and wisdom to get through these trials and not allow them to make me physically sick...But to face them with joy! Let's be real here!!! That is hard...I know. But God knows what we need and what is best for us...The testing of our faith truly can be good for us...and will produce steadfastness! 

I encourage you too, friends! Start a Bible Journal.
Journaling helps you interact with God's word by recording your thoughts on what your reading and  Gong back through your journal can help you reflect what God has shown you in His word. You can do this in your Bible or in a separate notebook...I actually use both. Your journaling method can be as simple as recording thoughts about a passage, or your favorite verse in that passage with some art work or doodles. It's a great way to grow deeper in God's word.
 May the word of God penetrate deep within you! His word is life!
Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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