Saturday, September 12, 2015

Vintage Egg Basket Pendant Light

Before beginning this post I want to apologize for the pictures...
I used my phone camera on a gloomy day...
Finally got the dining the way I want it. We needed a light...And realized I can make one myself. I was inspired by my many vintage decorating magazines and Pinterest to make this pendant. It just so happened that I already had an egg basket...It's not antique or vintage however but was made to look like an old basket. All I needed was to get a pendant light kit. If you are interested in making one...

Go to you local hardware store and pick up a pendant lighting kit for less than $20. You can find an egg basket in antique shops or flea markets or try to find them reproduced. I found mine a few years ago at TJ Maxx for about $15.00. It just so happens to have a round opening in the bottom of the basket to put your pendant through.. (no fuss no muss)...Now for a light bulb. I found this vintage inspired bulb at The Home Depot for $15.00.They have other vintage inspired bulbs that are a little cheaper but I wanted to get one that would work with my dimmer. I know that 's a lot of $$$$...But I really wanted that vintage look. Get your hubby to help you hang it...I couldn't have done it without mine...I probably would have shocked myself!

That's it...Need more help! Look up wire basket pendant lights on Pinterest...You will find all kinds of inspiration and perhaps more direction on how to hook it up. 
Happy Lighting!

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