Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vintage School Days

I have always had a love for the past, history and yesteryear. Times that are long gone with a style all it's own. They just don't make it like they used to. School is back in session for kiddo's now. I thought I'd share some fun oldies with you,,,,And bring you back to a place where things mattered.

Education was important, things were made with quality in mind, the world was a different place...And a harder place for many... It was a time where Christian morals mattered and family mattered. Did you know that school was actually harder back then...You would get a really good education. These days the standards are not high and Arts,  American History and Economics are being taken out of public schools, agenda's are being pushed and God is no longer welcome, let alone pledging allegiance to the American Flag. Families are being demoralized and demonized, children are being bullied, killed and believe it or not even brainwashed in public schools. 
You can even get through High School without knowing how to read. Sad but true....

NOTE* I am not saying ALL Public schools are bad...but they are out there and it's not getting any better...My only advice as a parent to another parent would be to stay very involved in what is being taught and what is going on in those classrooms...
Anything missing or questionable, you can teach them at home.

These are the many reasons we decided to home school our children and give them a good classical education. All the good things are being taught and there isn't an agenda being pushed. Oh the good ole' days. Don't these pictures just bring a smile to your face? I myself have a collection of old school things...Little green chalk boards, school readers, old school desks, globes, flash cards etc...It's fun to collect and have enjoyed using it with my children.

Enjoy the sweet pictures from the past.

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