Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life Lately & Free Autumn Subway Art Print

Life lately has been quiet. The weather in Cali is still warm. The trees are slow to do their thing...Though there are small signs of Autumn...It does not feel like it has arrived as of yet. The nice thing about where we live is that we get a nice cool breeze in the evening...Not enough to get you in the mood for sweaters and jackets. Surely it will come at some point. It get's so warm here that we are still actually running our air conditioner. Crazy, I know. It is Autumn though...Even if it's hot I still like to do things and make memories with my family during whatever season it is. Baking is a big part of Autumn and Winter. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen canning, baking cookies or breads, making breakfasts and soups. My daughter informed me at age 15....She had never had a caramel apple!!!! WHAT!!!! What kind of Momma am I to keep this delightful treat from my kids? I was like. really!!!??? I don't know how this has happened...what kid has never had a caramel apple before? Well we took care of that right away and made caramel apples together last night...And it was good. Later we will be making candy apples as well. This girl is no longer going to go on without experiencing these Fall goodies.

Oh have y'all seen the new Pioneer Woman line at Walmart? So stinkin' cute...and yes I jumped on the band wagon and picked up some bowls and a buttah dish...It was a need anyway. The bowls will be perfect for soup nights...They are not only pretty, they are large and deep....The buttah dish...I needed a new one since my old one broke over two years ago...So there you have it...Go check it out if you haven't already!

Speaking of dishes...My awesome, thoughtful, beautiful Mother in Law AKA Momma Chickki sent me some Pyrex... Oh how she knows I love using Pyrex. It was like getting a Christmas or birthday package when it's not and just because. I just love sweet surprises!

I made this Autumn Subway Art several years ago...However I added in S'mores since selling them on Etsy. This is now a FREE Print for you! You can copy and paste onto your computer. If you are interested in a better copy to use for printing or a PDF...
Please leave me a comment and I can send it to you!
It looks adorable framed!!!
Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. Beautiful post Mica!
    Yes I know all about Pioneer Women everything. Pappa Rooster watches her show every time it is on and I have tried many of her recipes and love them.
    He bought me the smaller stock pot and some utensils. Her line is so cute and fun! Love that butter dish :)
    I am making her pulled pork today. The only thing is she cooks for the ranch hands as well as her family and her recipes are for lots of people but I freeze what we don't need in one meal and have lots of stuff on hand later. Her life reminds me of Mandy's life so much. Exact same thing. Cooking on the ranch :)