Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Teatime Tuesday~Frazzled, Flu and Fire King

Good morning! 
It's teatime! Today I made a nice cup of English breakfast tea and added a little honey and cream. paired with a couple pumpkin cookies Freckles made the other night. This last week we ended up sick and quite under the weather. The flu season has come early this year even though Autumn is late. I feel 85% better this morning... And tea certainly helps with sore throats. I spent some time this last week at the doctors and specialists to check into some issues I have been encountering...Results of tests so far have come back normal...So I am a bit frazzled as to what is going on when doctors can't seem to figure it out either...So frustrating.

Freckles had a week off for Fall break and enjoyed a few days with friends with a sleepover, a carnival, and a mall /shopping trip. This week she is back to the grind doing her school work today. The house is quiet as Mr. Darling too is working away on his sermon prep in his study. I am using this old Fire King mug for my tea...
I love the color and how it looks next to Autumn colors.

Did you all see The Pioneer Woman line at Walmart? The cutest dishes evaaaaa!!! I got this little cow creamer perfect for teatime. She is stinkin' cute holding my cream for me. If I were to name her. I'd call her Mable...Sounds like a good cow name to me.

 Hey! Have you guys heard of Vidangel
It's cool...Perfect for families to watch movies. You can set your account to cut out foul language, sensual scenes or violence.....It takes it out for you so you don't have to guess where those questionable parts are. And it's wayyyy better than Netflix or Redbox...Just sayin'!! Check it out!!! We already watched a couple movies that needed the language bleeped out in order to view it and it worked great!! It really made the movie a better experience.

Well....I am short on words today. And my tea cup is empty...
Hopefully there will be a bit more to talk about next week.
Have a great week ahead!!! Until next time!

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