Thursday, November 8, 2007

Home Schooling With McGuffy Readers .......

We have often use The McGuffy readers for our children. These wonderful readers were popular in the 19th Century, teaching youngsters phonics as well as aiding moral growth. The delightful illustrations alone are wonderful. Our daughter especially loves these readers and reads them often.

Our children use these books during oral narration. We then ask the questions which are at the end of every story in the later readers. It is a great way to practice their speech and annunciation skills.

McGuffey is most famous for completing a series of textbooks that became the standardized reading text for most schools across the United States during the mid-to-late nineteenth century. First published in 1836, McGuffey's Reader, as it became known, eventually consisted of a multi-volume work with six levels of difficulty. Very different from modern-day textbooks, the McGuffey's Reader contained religious messages and sought to instill morality in its readers. Between 1836 and 1890, McGuffey's publisher printed and sold more than one hundred million copies of McGuffey's Reader. Practically every American who attended public schools during the second half of the nineteenth century learned moral and ethical lessons from McGuffey's Readers.


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  4. My mom had the complete set of McGuffy readers when we were growing up. They are on my list of needed books for sure!

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