Friday, November 9, 2007

Show & Tell Friday ..Beatrix Potter

Welcome !! 'Tis Friday again and a wonderful Show & Tell hosted by There Is No Place Like Home.

Today I am showing our Beatrix Potter Book Collection. There is so much out there.. so we have kept it to a minimal. We have the complete Tales and enjoyed every bit of it.

Beatrix Potter has a whimsical characters that are sure to tickle any ones fancy. Her art work is delightful throughout A Victorian Naturalist. I have also enjoyed reading about her life, in The Magic Years Of Beatrix Potter.

And yet another delightful interactive book, Beatrix Potters Journal, is filled with colorful art work from her journal, along with photos.

We also enjoy watching the darling DVD's... These are very sweet and well done..capturing Beatrix Potters critters.

My daughters favorite is this huge Pop-Up Cottage of Beatrix Potters, which came with all the little characters from her stories... My little girl plays out the stories for hours.

And lastly.. my favorite !!! The Miss Potter Movie... Oh if you have not yet seen this.. see it !! It is so sweet !!! I just love to watch this over and over. It is truly a magical story. Even the guy's liked it !!!

Thank You for stopping by this week !! See you next Friday !!!


  1. Beatrix Potter is one of my favorites. I have quite a collection of her books and figurines etc. You'll have to come over to my blog and click on Beatrix Potter in my categories and check it out...
    Enjoy. I love your pieces...

  2. I love Beatrix Potter! I have the complete tales and the journal, and a couple of tea cups and saucers that are Peter Rabbit. I also have all of the characters as Hallmark ornaments!

    The movie is so good! I keep that in my sewing room and play it on my dvd all the time.



  3. I love this series of books :)
    Such delightful illustrations!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful collection! I've never seen anything like that pop-up house -- how cute! And I haven't seen the video yet, though I want to.

  5. I only met Beatrix when I found a little book for Ethan. We like her lots and lots.
    You have a neat collection. To hear your daughter enact the stories is good to hear. Is it not too lovley how they remember everything in the story. Sometimes even more than I did at first.

  6. I love Beatrix Potter and I have to agree with your daughter--the pop up book is my favorite too and the movie was fabulous wasn't it!
    I have to tell you too that I absolutely love your blog background! It's gorgeous!

    Cathy :)

  7. I've wanted to see that movie for a while. We shall have to rent it!

    I need to get some Beatrix Potter. I only have one story in a collection of other stories by other authors.

  8. What a wonderful collection. I shall have to watch the movie. Is it out on DVD or is it a recent movie?

    I plan on reading these stories to my children sometime. I wish I could find my Peter Rabbit book from when I was a little girl. But I cannot find it. :(

  9. I love Beatrix Potter! We just "borrowed" the collection from the library. :D

  10. Hi Mica :) We love Miss Potter's stories, too, and re-read them often. Thanks for sharing your collection with us - we will pick the movie up some time. Blessings! Q

  11. Wow, what a wonderful collection. I too love Beatrix Potter books and charecters. I still have not seen the movie,but really want to!

    Blessings! Sharon

  12. Oooooh, Beatrix Potter! I envy you, what a great collection!!!!

    I had the chance to watch the movie some weeks ago and it was just great! I need to get the DVD to watch it again (and again).

    Best wishes from Germany,

  13. What a nice Show and Tell you have! I love Beatrix Potter! You have a marvelous collection of her books! The pop-up book is darling, so sweet that your little girl plays with it so long!

    I want to see the movie!


  14. A beautiful post. I love books. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Love, Love, Love the movie too! You have a great collection!

  16. Beatrix Potter has always been one of my favourite writers and all of her characters are such a delight. I loved the movie also!! Such a wonderful collection you have of her books:-) xo