Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Favorite Things.....

Tiany from Less of Me More Of Him is hosting her Blogversary Party... everyone is sharing their favorite things... join me and many others in a fun little fieldtrip through favorite things...

Ultimately I love God, as he has also blessed me with a life filled with the things that mean the most to me. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and two delightful children. I adore the little pets he has given us to care for as well. My family means a lot to me. I am blessed to be home with my children all their waking hours , to be their mom, their teacher and sometimes even a play mate. I love to Home School my children and to play games with them. To watch them grow, to hear their voices when they speak and to watch them at play is at the top of my favorite things.

I have also been blessed with an eye for art. I adore art in all mediums. I love to make things like dolls and clothes & such. I love to sew, to embroider and paint. I love to bake, I love to look at books, I love the Victorian Era, I love movies, I love music, I love chocolate, I love Sock Monkeys, I love anything old like old photographs, antique dolls, and old quilts. I love old books, old paintings, old jewelery and poetry. I thank God every day for these things. I thank God that He is my God.
My Favorite movies :
Somewhere In Time
Miss Potter
Anne Of Green Gables
Little Women
Fairy Tale
Tuck Everlasting
and many more... I can't even think of them all right now.
My favorite perfumes are:
Tea Rose
White Shoulders ( Reminds me of My Great Gramma )
Oh I could go on..... I hope you had a lovely time here in our little blog. Hope to see you again !!! Blessings !!!


  1. You are such a lovely rich person. You enjoy your children and find pleasure in many things.

    I will come back to visit you again.

  2. Re: Miss Potter, would you mind checking the glove-box in the truck (We can't remember which vehicle we were driving that Sunday we tried to return it). I'm running out of places to look, I still have a card for Best Buy from Christmas, so I WILL replace it if we did in fact loose it. I feel absolutely horrible. I love that movie too. I felt so good that you let us borrow it, and now I feel so bad because I'm not like this. I have always been one to return things in a timely manner. I'm so sorry my dear friend!
    Love ya bunches and bunches!