Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And The Winner Is !!!!!

Shelly from Shelly's Vintage Variety !!!

Shelly , you won a gift basket with bath gel, lotion, a scrubby sponge, tea, a jar for sweets, a decorative tin bucket for treasures, a sweet gift book on celebrating the joy of contentment & having a heart full of happiness filled with quotes and scripture and bookmark. Hope this will comfort you on hard days !!!

Thank You to all who wished us a Happy Year here in Blogland. I hope you enjoy coming to our home as we enjoy you. You are always welcome.


  1. Yippy,Thanks so much Mica. I am so excited I won. Its my first! I can't wait to read that precious little book. It is such a wonderful give away. I feel very blessed to have won.
    I will email you my address right away. Thanks again......


  2. Nice prize! Lucky winner.

    I see you stopped by my blog today and wanted to thank you for your comments on Cookie's ordeal. She did get it straightened out and her Mom will be going to Hospice next week.

    Yes, we figured Saturday August 15th would be good. That way if Tony works on Friday he will be waking up on Saturday about the time we get there. We might spend the night and go home on Sunday when you leave for Church. I will call you later with details but as of now that is the plan.

    Can't wait to see you all.
    Love You