Thursday, August 14, 2008

When Someone Has Something Nice To Say.....

It gives true inspiration to one's soul. When I read my friend Crystals blog, I saw she wanted to give me an award... I thought that was nice... but I got to reading the words she said about us and I must say.. it touched my heart something BIG !!! Her words were so real to me... for she had the nicest things to say about me and my whole little family. We have known eachother for a couple of years now, we go to the same Church and hang out as our friendship has grown to more like a Sister bond. This loving sweet soul sent from God has been there for me in times of joy and sadness and has endured many vents.

She has never thought ill of me, she has always lifted me up in spirit. She has excepted me for who I am and the way that I am. She has never questioned my love for her when I don't always call, e-mail or leave her comments... she knows what I truly feel without having to even say it.
She says she is an introvert, but when were together I don't see it... we get along so well. I have never in my life had a friend that could truly understand me and just plain love me for me. I don't think I am hard to love.. just a little quiet sometimes. But that's alright with her.
We have many things in common as well as our love for Christ. I consider her a Sister to me an Auntie to my children. Her and her hubby always take the time to visit with my kids.. and when I was unable to go to Church last week. I found out when my Daughter was hiding under the table because she was being excluded from some friends... Crystal was the one to wrap her wing around my little girl and comforted her. That I am thankful for.. She will make a wonderful Mother someday !!!
With all this said, my heart full of thanksgiving for our true friendship.. that she not only loves little ole' me, but she loves the whole package ( My Hubby and kids)
I am blessed.

Thank you for the sweet award... yet I appericiate the words so much more !!!! Here is what Crystal said:
I am so blessed to know this family. Mica is my best friend, but really I love her whole family. Her husband is passionate about his faith and carefully instructs his whole family. He is currently in school to become a Pastor, and I look forward to the day to see him serving as a pastor. He is insightful and caring in words and action.
Their children are talented in many ways. Their daughter has a sensitive heart of gold. She loves those who love her and has a heart to grow up to be a mommy and artist just like her mommy. It is precious.
Their son plays multiple instruments competently, and blesses those who will listen with his very own compositions! Truly amazing gifts. He's also energetic and funny.
Mica, aside from being my best friend is a talented artist, who's forte is creating unique and whimsical dolls. But truly she is an artist in anything she sets her mind to. She keeps a beautiful home, and in addition to being an artist she is a teacher and mother/housewife, all of which keep her happily busy.
The Garbarino's are a real blessing to know, and I find their family homeschool blog a wonderful snapshot of who they are, and their various artistic talents.
So dear Crystal, Sister, friend here is a very special award for you !!! Thank you for always being there for me !!!

Dear readers, do you have that special someone, a friend who gives you support, love and inspiration? Please pass this award on to them !!! Thank you for reading... may you all have a blessed remainder of the week.


  1. I think I'm going to print this and submit it with the adoption application when we send that in. Thank you for such kind words. I simply did what I know I would hope would have been done if that were my daughter rejected by peers.

    Your kind words bring tears to my eyes. God has truly blessed us by giving us each other our friendship.

    Our God is so good and wonderful!
    I love you much!

  2. Friends like that are truly a gift from Above. They are very *rare* indeed.

    God has been good to me. When I was newly married I wanted a friend of like mind soooo badly. I prayed for one.

    It *seems* as though God didn't answer my prayers. But... around that time I started to corespond with a young mom in the same stages of life as mine. She reached out to me. We were in the Maxwell's Titus Two Forum. I don't know if you were aware of that ministry or not?

    Anyway....I posted something on that forum, and it compelled her to email me, and we continued to email one another. We lived almost 1,000 miles apart.

    For five years we have been there for each other. My problems....her problems. My joys....her joys. We shared it all together.

    Then last year, her husband got a job in my state! She lives about an three hours away. We see each other a few times a year, but we *get* to see each other!!

    I had always prayed for a way to meet my pen friend, but never really could see how. But the LORD did it! How amazing is God!?!

    Infact, this weekend, we are going down to visit her and celebrate her oldest daughter's sixth birthday. We "met" online when her daughter was about 10 months old.

    She has a Blog also, so I will pass this on to her. :) Thank you for sharing about your friend. :)

  3. "Mommy", I have a great pen-pal too. We meet through Brio Magazine years ago. I don't know if they still pair up pen pals or not, but they did years ago anyway, I sent in several requests, some pen-pals I only wrote to once, others for a few years, but there has been one who has continued all these years later to be a dear friend of mine. Every few years I'm able to make it to Southern California where she lives to visit, and she was able to come visit my husband and I once. I have no doubt that God blessed me with her friendship as well.

    When I very first got married I felt very alone. Not that my love from my husband was lacking, but I knew I needed female friends too. I was only going to school part time at that point, and working too, so I wasn't as connected with my classmates anymore, and then there was also the issue of having moved to a different town and not knowing anyone. My pen-pals were basically all I had for closer friendships.

    I yearned for more. The first few years of our marriage had been too busy to really build a social circle. I longed for a real friend I could sit and have tea with or something.

    Then our life became super transient. Kevin couldn't find long term work in California for what he's good at, so we had to move... This time made me feel all the more like I'd give anything to have a friend I could just hang out and enjoy. So I was praying that I'd find this friend wherever we ended up, on a HUGE leap of faith...

    With loads of debt and no promise of a job Kevin and I moved to Washington state. To me it was familiar because I lived here until I was 9 I've made several trips here, we even honeymooned here. We both love this state, so when we saw that jobs he could do seemed to be plentiful here we moved on faith. We had no idea that we'd get more than we'd ask on the sale of the condo, that it would pay off both our vehicles, and my college debt. We didn't know that we'd find an apartment right in the city he'd end up working in, we didn't know that he'd get a job offer within a month of moving here, and then another better job offer a few weeks later. He's still in that better job, loves every day of it, seeing that this job will meet our needs, seeing that it offers us incentives for growing our family and while things are tight right now, growth that will meet our financial needs eventually too!
    We didn't know that we'd finally be able to find the right denomination church for us, or that the first one we'd find here would be so willing to let us swap to the sister church nearer where we ended up buying a house, we didn't know that in a small church we'd find anyone we'd really get to know well, we didn't know that two years later we'd feel this close with most all of the congregation, and I certainly didn't know that all of this meant I'd finally have my best girlfriend, that friend who is so loving and trusting, were we have a sisterly bond.

    I am truly blessed as is my husband to see just how far our Lord has taken us. I may not have everything I'd hoped to have or be by now, but I know my real needs are being met by a loving and giving Lord, and that this gift of friendship isn't just from my dear Mica, but our Dear God.

  4. I just read the sweet posts on your daughters blog - what a wonderful learning venue and sweet way to express herself!

    I think she deserves TEN gold stars ♥