Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tacoma Glass Museum Part I

Today we had a really fun break from all our packing. We took a field trip to The Tacoma Glass Museum with my friend Susan & her son ( My son's BF ) Jonathan. We have talked for the last year 1/2 taking the trip. Well, you know how life goes, passing us by in a flash. We put it off and decided to take the trip together as a last FUN DAY in Washington before our big move.

The drive is a bit over an hour from where we live. Once you enter Old Tacoma you see these remarkable sculptures and glass on a bridge. Then you see this huge metal structure in the shape of a cone and wonder. What in the world that is. Well, it's the Museum !!!
The building is actually larger than just the cone. Really the cone doesn't mean anything at all, it's all for ART Sake. Yet inside the cone is where they house the glass making studio. The inside structure is amazing. We felt like we were in Star Wars.
As you walk along the bridge one side is filled with plexi glass cased shelves filled with these gorgeous glass vases and such. It is so colorful. If you look up there is glass on the roof of the bridge as well. Did I look up? No, I found out later that it was there. Bummer.....

Here is my baby girl standing on the bridge overlooking an awesome old building... you can't see it in the picture but that is an old court house which has a bunch of pretty glass pieces in the window too !!

The kiddo's posed here on a wall in front of the HUGE metal structure. I couldn't even fit in the top of the building here. I was even laying on the ground to take the picture.

After some fun inside the Museum we had a lovely lunch by the waterfront. I will share some of what we saw inside the Museum in part II... Stay tuned .... P>S> No Jonathan is not drinking Beer. It is ROOT BEER.


  1. These pictures so far look nice. Looks like you all had a fun day of it!

  2. Hi Mica, The Glass Museum looks as if it's very interesting,and looks like you all had a nice time. May God bless you and the family on your move to the new home.It looks and sounds like a very nice place to call home.

    I sent you an email to let you know my package arrived. Thanks so much...

    Blessings, Shelley

  3. How fun Mica! I am so glad to see you are having some fun time during this very stressful and hectic week.

    Great pictures! It is so like you to lay on the ground to take the one picture! You are so fun! Wish I was there.

    Love you much
    Mama Chickki

  4. That looks so interesting Mica! I can't wait to read more and see more pictures. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!