Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cooking Memories

We are in the middle of packing up the cook books
and had to take a quick break and go through
the recipes I had in my recipe book.
There were a lot I really didn't need any longer and
some that Miss Freckles really wanted for her
special Recipe book we got before Christmas.

We found this really fun Susan Branch recipe scrapbook!
Perfect for filling up memories for her future kitchen.
I told her to go through all my recipes to
see what she wanted to add to hers.
This was so worth the break from packing.
Just to see her face light up.
She went through every single recipe I had
and picked out a WHOLE BUNCH for herself.

It was the funnest we had. Is that a word...
cause if it isn't...
it should be!

There were some she wanted that I had to write
on cards for her since I needed them too!

What a day it was going through our recipe memories together.
This has made a new memory we will never forget.
In a few years we are starting her hope chest.
Now that will be fun!

Wishing you a Happy remainder of the week!
We are back to packing up!
See ya soon!


  1. Ahhh doesn't Susan Branch make you want to cook something !!!! Clarice

  2. She's going to be quite the cook when she gets older! My daughter also loves to look through my cookbooks!

  3. I love susan branch.. I usually buy her calanders. (not this year though) I've seen the cookbook scrapbook supplies though and they are really cute. Youre a good mama! and your right,your daughter will have lots of great memories!
    happy sunday!