Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Red Treasures....

Happy Rednesday!
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I just rearranged my armoire yesterday and thought
I would share with you just a few of my favorite little red things.
First off the little red vintage chair on top of an old
little suitcase was a gift from 
my dad for his little granddaughter ( Freckles)...
It was in rough shape at first then painted 
white for many years until it wanted to be red. 
I have all sorts of things that just have small hints of red on them.

Like this sweet lil doggy I picked up from
The Art ConvenZioNE I taught at last Spring.
My little red lamp with red & white checkered shade...
s sort of like a night light when we aren't home.
I love my little red picture frames I got from Michaels
last year for a buck a piece.
Perfect for sweet lil pictures.

This sweet red box with yellow pom pom trim and little
sock monkey was made by one of my best friends, Susan.
She sent it to me last Christmas. It means a lot to me...
since we are apart...& makes me think of her often.
I am counting the has been over a year since we have seen each other!

And here are a couple treasures.
The little panda bear with red mouth belonged to my hubby. Mr.Darling 
when he was a wee boy. He is pretty fragile...But, we love him so. 
The second is a sockie monkey you have seen before in past posts. 
I adopted her several years ago. 
She is a really old girl and one of my most favorite sock monkey's in my collection.
I love her big red mouth old red pom pom and floral printed dress...
aren't they the sweetest?
Thank you for stopping by... Sure hope to see you again!!
Happy Rednesday!


  1. Those are some great reds. Love the red chair and the sock monkey and the panda and - well it all makes a fun vignette!

  2. Cute arrangement. Cute kids too! Enjoyed your blog.

  3. Am loving the reds Mica. Red is one of my favourite colours. I love red and white, and blue and white. Oh, I also love pink and yellow, but not together. :-)

  4. Oh I just love the vignette you made..I have three of those chairs, but mine are smaller....

  5. I love everything on top of your armoire. The red chair just adds so much height and helps the rest of the pieces just fall into place! I'll have to remember that idea.
    Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  6. I love this red post Mica....all things close to my heart...thanks for sharing....I am having a Give Away soon...don't miss it...blessings

  7. Red is like a magnet to me! I love your vignette up there. It is so appealing and draws the eye up. And I must say I'm drawn so to your banner with the spools shaped into a heart! LOVE it!

  8. Love that cute red chair!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Oh wow, that whole display up there looks like it should be in a magazine! You did a great job, and I just love that lamp and the box your friend made. I have an armoire in our dining room, that I want desperately to paint white. Unfortunately my family strongly disagrees. I'm going to show them this picture, and hopefully they will see how everything just pops when it's sitting on something white!
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. That vignette on your armoire is really cute! The little red chair really stands out and you can't go wrong with a sock monkey!

  11. Oh, I love your vignette - it looks so happy! My faves are the lamp and chair! I like the suitcase idea - I have a small doll one that I could utilize in such a fashion.

  12. Your blog is so adorable. Love your red chair and the sock monkey. Who doesnt love a sock monkey?