Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Parasol, A Bonnet & Rasberry Smoothies....

Today we received a box in the post  full of  little dolls from Gramma Chickki.
In the box was not only dolls, but a parasol and a bonnet. For a doll of course.
Well, maybe not! Freckles sure did look like an adorable doll in it.
 After playing with the dolls she received for a bit we decided the day
was warm enough to make some raspberry smoothies
( my favorite berry!)

I pulled together a yummy Raspberry smoothie
with what I had in the refrigerator.
And boy was it creamy delicious! 
  It was just the right thing to cool off with!

Miss Freckles sure did enjoy her smoothie!
Even our beloved Missy joined in the smoothie party. 
She really didn't like the bonnet on her head though.
She looked upset at us most of the time. 
Oh the humiliation!
 There are many more warm days ahead of us
to spend outside in the fresh Spring air
drinking a delicious smoothie snack.
I had recently picked up a small magazine by 
Better Homes and Gardens which featured 
all kinds of scrumptious looking smoothies....
I can't wait to make them all! 
  Look out for it in your grocery check stands!

Oh and by the way...
These sweet fruity glasses are from the Dollar Tree!!!
Just perfect for a fruity smoothie!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
See ya tomorrow for Rednesday!

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  1. You just can't beat a delicious smoothie for breakfast!! Little Freckles looks some cute in that wee hat! Thanks so much for your offer to send me some California goodies Mica! I often think about those delicious Macadamia nuts you sent me that time. They were so scrumptious! Our Jess didn't like it when I put a hat on her head either. I guess dogs just don't like hats! xxoo