Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Stroll Through Time.......

Today we dropped our boy off at the airport for
his month long vacation with family friends
So, we took advantage of San Diego for the afternoon and
took Freckles to see Old Town San Diego's...

Heritage Park Victorian Village.
She and I have a fondness for old Victorian homes ... 
well, we love everything old....

Unfortunately we came on a day they were closed for tours... 
Boo Hoo.
We'll come back another time. It was still quite lovely to see 
the sweet character of these old antique homes.

One favorite part of the village was the darling 
garden circle in the middle of the court.
The tree in the middle was just delightful..
.and of course my little girl looked very sweet there too!

After our afternoon stroll... 
we went to a favorite book store of ours nearby.

They carry a lot of out of print, rare, vintage and antique books
as well as children books. We love the Children Books!!! 
Freckles found something sweet!

But, Mama said...No! 
The price is too high!
Sorry Freckles!!!

This was one of my favorite books today.... 
Yet again it was too much. $40.00 for the book!

Mr. Darling loves to browse the shelves of literary goodness! 
I will leave him to it... 
and go back downstairs to the Children Books!

I took a couple pics. of some fun colorful books.
I wish I could have bought Toy Land And Away... 
But it was a $60.00 book! Youch!!!!

We had a great afternoon .... 
I hope you did too! 
See ya later!!!


  1. I love old books, and I know I could easily spend hours in one like that! It's such a shame that the books are so expensive, so it's always a thrill to find one at a garage sale or thrift store!
    Happy 4th!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun--the book store would be exciting.

  3. What fabulous books. Thanks for your comment. It is nice to meet you too!

  4. I keep telling my dad, when I come visit I want to go to old town. How fun to see pictures. Oh flower fairs, Elizabeth Gordon is highly collectable. I have several of her books, There are reprints of the flower fairy book, that are a bit cheaper !!! xoxoxox Clarice