Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vintage Independence ....

Independence Day is just right around the corner. I wanted to share with you a few ways I decorated with some sweet finds. A majority of what I own has come from garage sales, antique shops, thrift stores,flea markets etc..... It is fun to give something new purpose like a picture frame... Just a bit of paint and chalk board paint you can turn an ugly ornate frame into a kitschy message board... Bottles are filled with a flower.

Old linen table cloth mixed with coordinating linens can be layered over your table .....
sweetly and simply!

Vintage hand crocheted doilies also lend a whimsical look to a table setting.
I found this old flour sifter and filled it with red (fake) carnations 
adding a couple tea dyed American flags.... 
I think it turned out simply cute and patriotic indeed!

A recent vintage golden book find was this
patriotic book on our magnificent flag.

It is sad to say that children  in public schools
no longer are allowed to say
The Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag....
What is this Country coming to?
We proudly pledge our flag in our home and 
give thanks to God for the freedom we have.
That is a God given right. I am thankful for home schooling...
no one can tell us we can't be proud Americans!

It even gives you illustrations and directions 
on how to properly treat and salute our Old Glory!
I put out our other Americana Children books for 
Freckles to enjoy during such a fine holiday.

Cookie is getting in on the festivities.
Have you ever met such a Patriotic Guinea Pig in all your life?

Oh by the way.... we made strawberry shortcake.... 
Want some????

This next Americana piece we found was an exciting 
find from the Thrift Store for about $2.00.... 
A lovely linen embroidery of our good ole USA....
all the States and their State flowers embroidered in brilliant colors!

So, I made it into a pillow to display... 
And a great teaching tool for Freckles to know
the States and their flowers of course...
It is so pretty!!!
The embroidery is quite fine... 
I wish I can say I embroidered it....

I stuck this old fella in a red basket, filled with geraniums.... 
Love the little chalk tag...
It is displayed next to a couple of my old picnic baskets...
Such a fun way to show... 
I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Until next time!!!!


  1. I love your decorations! How festive and bright and colorful. Your pictures are always so much fun.

  2. I love the pillow!!! It is so beautiful and cute:)

  3. Oh what festive decorations for the upcoming holiday! I just LOVE red and have lots of it in my kitchen to :) Have a wonderful Independence Day!!!

  4. Well there is no reason learning cannot be pretty. Love the pillow. We feel very blessed we can HS too. Have a happy 4th. As you probably know Poulsbo has their fireworks on the 3rd. Tonight we will check them out xoxo Clarice

  5. Delightful! The States embroidery is perfect as a pillow and what a beautiful find! How can someone do all that lovely work and not display it somehow?