Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beached On Silver Strand....

Hello! I have been away from the computer the last five days.... 
I wanted to thank you for the sweet Father's Day wishes for my Dear Mr. Darling....
This was the first Father's Day we have spent apart ( sigh ).
He was traveling across the U.S and into Washington to fill a pulpit.
While he was away...The kids and I decided to join my sister and her family
on their camping trip to Silver Strand, Coronado.
We camped right on the beach for four days.
You can say we were quite beached!

My sister and her hubby were quite the team setting up the dome and umbrella tents....
It took the three of us about 20 minutes to set them up 
and keep them from blowing away in the wind. 
It was actually quite amusing.

This is my sister and I.... 
And our impersonation of  beached whales.
That's what we were all week long.
The kids and my Bro~in~Law went out and played in the waves though.... 
They were like crazy fish.

Dolphins even swam around them while they played in the great Pacific Ocean. 
I wasn't able to capture the dolphins..... It will forever be a sweet memory though.

Freckles got special boogie board lessons from her Uncle... 
It was very sweet that he spent some one on one time with her. 
She learned some tricks to getting through the waves without getting hit by them. 
She had a blast out there...and that's about all she wanted to do.

As the nervous on looking Mama... 
I attempted to go to the shoreline to get a closer
lookout for my little girl in the waves...
and this is about as far as I go into the water.  
Plus, I don't care much to have all this seaweed tangled up around my feet.
There was alot of this on the beach and in it.

The boy's enjoyed a little 
seaweed football too!

The entire day was spent sitting on the beach, soaking up the rays,
watching the kids swim and play. Enjoying the colorful kites flying above...
The magical sound of the waves splashing to and fro,
the company of my sister and family and of course sand castle making by Freckles!

It was the perfect time to gather up some special Summer memories together.
We are thankful that they invited us to spend time with them on their family vacation.

The few pics. above are of my sister,
her hubby my two nephews!
And.... Many of you know these familiar faces... My two delights.

And... me of course.
Tee Hee.....

I have much more to share of the rest of our vacation...
How we rang in Summer Solstice...and a fun hike we went on...
which will come in the next couple posts. 
Thanks for popping in for a visit!


  1. This Warms my heart so much! The Lord is so good! Glad you had a great vacation! I praise God for you and the Love of Family.

    Kisses and Bug Hugs!


  2. How exciting to camp out on the beach...I remember once as a child our family drove to Galveston and stay the night on the beach...but,they won't allow it anymore.....we got there kinda late and us kids wanted to go down to the shoreline,mama said OK but,not to get in the water...guess what...we got wet...she made us sleep in our wet,salty clothes...we did what were told next trip looks like it was a wonderful time for all of you...I love the picture of you and your sister....can't wait to hear more about your adventure by the sea....blessings

  3. Sometimes one just has to go away and let the sun shine on them. Sit underneath blue skies and listen to the waves. And come home refreshed and ready to handle the world.

  4. Okay I was frantically trying to find you and you were having fun on the beach:)

    Looks like you really had a good time Mica. So glad you could enjoy your sister and her family. Her boys are starting to get handsome :)

    The kids look so cute . Glad you didn't have to spend time alone while Mr Darling was away.

    Love you

  5. What a wonderful experience! Love a good beach trip. Thanks for sharing the photos. Made me feel like I was right there enjoying the sand between my toes. ~ Sarah