Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hittin' The Trails.....

To end our vacation with my sister and her family we
went to a nature park for a short long hike with the family and dogs.

Missy was quite excited to get out with us after being cooped up camping. 
The pups all got along so well. If you know my dog, she usually doesn't like other dogs.
 I am so proud of her for being a nice girl and look they all walked together!

We set out on the trails after checking in with the visitors center.
Freckles was gung ho to get out there and walk.
It was a pretty sight. Lot's of trees, greenery and wild flowers,
even dry grasses, shrubbery, cactus and fox-tails were quite the sight..
We took a couple short breaks under huge trees to 
catch our breath and replenish ourselves. And wouldn't ya know... 
The boy's were up in the trees... aww,
just like when they were younger tikes... 
Boys and trees... Go figure! Ha Ha!

Freckles even pretended that we were living in the
prairie days and we had to go out in search of  food and shelter. 
Except, I don't think they had Ipods back then.....
The last hill took a while to climb up for us girls..... 
By then it felt like a thousand degrees...
 We were hot and getting tired... 
Yet we made it, with hearts pounding
out of our chests and red in the face.

Well, we didn't see much wildlife... 
just the occasional bird flying above,
some bugs and lots of rocks and dirt,
We made it!
It really was a great hike and a nice visit with my family.... 
We surely made some great memories this week!
Hope you all are having an awesome Summer day!


  1. My what a week you have had. Soo much fun camping on the beach. I looks like you all had a great time xoxox Clarice

  2. Ahh, I have so enjoyed my time here today reading about your holiday with your sister and family :)So much fun hiking, camping, spending time at the beach, boogie boarding, weenie roasting... What a blessed time you all had together :) Hugs.