Monday, June 28, 2010

A Hanging Out Sort Of Summer Day....

The perfect Summer day is sipping on an ice cold chai tea,
hanging out with the family, having fun and keeping cool.
Not only are we hanging out,
my aprons are too!

We are also reading books.
I have been collected these ( and many more ) old vintage children books for my kids and someday 
Lord willing I can bless my grandchildren with them. 
When that time comes...
This week Freckles starts swimming lessons
and Maestro is flying out to Washington for a whole month of Summer fun... again!
I told myself last year I wouldn't let go that long... But I gave in.
He will have a blast though... One fun thing he will be doing is camping at Mt. Rainier.
It will be lonely without him here, I am gonna miss my baby boy.... 
But still have lot's of fun Summer plans for Freckles......

I am also taking up my Hubby's suggestion and keeping a journal of some thoughts this Summer. Just things that pass through my head... So hopefully I can keep it up, as well as my newest lifestyle change... I am bound and determined to get my health and body back into shape after years of depression and weight gain. By God's grace I have been able to conquer the depression I had for so long and without the use of mind altering meds.. I am ready to get my soul, my mind and booty in gear. I am usually not one to share these sorts of things... but, hopefully with some encouragement I will be able to do this.
Hope your having a wonderful hanging out sort of Summer!


  1. I haven't been keeping up with people's blogs, and it seemed like forever since I've touched base with you.
    My fatigue has been super bad this year so I basically just spend my computer time focused only on FB. And then I've realized since you aren't there I just don't have contact with you, sad.
    I love and miss all of you. It'll be nice to see Maestro, And it was a fun surprise seeing your other half a few days ago at pastors house.
    Love always,

  2. Bless you sweet Mica on your journey....I have been on and off that pace for most my life...I am still trying to learn to care for myself after all my life focusing on being a caregiver to is not an easy task to concentrate on ME....and MY you said by the grace of your red polka dot go visit me my post for today and have a smile.....we are just a tad a

  3. I just came from a blog that had aprons hanging on the clothesline! Love all of the images in this post, and it looks like you're having a great summer!
    Happy Monday!

  4. Beautiful reds today and I think your collection of vintage children's books is fabulous!
    Good luck with your summer goals. ~ Sarah

  5. See old childrens books another thing we love. I have 100's of them. A room full.
    We too are trying to get more fit and eat smaller portions. But we are lazy ;-P
    Enjoy your girly month !!!! xoxox Clarice