Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrating Summer....

We spent the first day of Summer
( aka. Summer Solstice or Mid Summer or John's Day) 
on the beach!

We enjoyed the afternoon soaking up the rays, playing in the
waves and saving our spot on the beach for a little evening bonfire.

 We packed up our goodies in a picnic basket,
grabbed the quilt and waited for sunset...
well.... almost.

We roasted weenies over the inferno flames,
 enjoying our feast before roasting our marshmallow dessert.

 Slightly toasted marshmallow tops.... are melt in your mouth goodness. 
( My sister likes hers completely burned) 

And... Freckles like them in a bunch.

We witnessed the most lovely ocean sunset on the first night of Summer. 
It was enough to jump for joy!!!

Maestro held onto the light for as
long as he could before it went out.

I wrapped myself up in my quilt sitting next to our little bonfire
with good company and happy memories of our first official day of Summer!
Hope you are all making magical Summery memories!


  1. Cherries, watermelon, and a day at the beach ~ all say summer to me!

  2. What a fun first day of summer. A bonfire at the ocean with marshmallows.

    I love the cat clock widget on your sidebar. I used to actually have that type of clock on my kitchen wall; but he disappeared when we moved. :(


  3. Lots of lovely summer memories being built there Mica! xxoo