Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Good day dear readers... 
It is Rednesday! 
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Today We are going on a beach trip to Oceanside.
But first we must have a bit of breakfast before we go. 
Notice cereal is eaten from a red bowl... of course!
We live in Earthquake State...
I mean The Sunshine State of  Southern California where beaches are all around us!
And...last night we had an earthquake!!!

It was a bit of a challenge to find some red things
on a beach since it is all blue and brown...
so you have to keep your eye out for the little details around you. 
Notice the picture above which was taken from the pier...
there you will spot a red flag in the sand!

Of course we bring things that are red...
My sun hat and my daughters beach towel
which has a couple red lady birds on it.
And... My trusty jumbo beach bags!

We even brought our favorite chips...Doritos...
The bag is red...hee hee.

If you look around at your shoreline neighbors you may even find some reds too !!!
These pictures, above and below were our two surrounding neighbors.

Though there is quite a bit of blue... 
You are sure to find towels with red in it and even red little faces!

 And sometimes you might even have a
sweet red headed friend with you...
Like our dear friend above.

Freckles and I even took a short little cat nap on my quilt
( which has reds in it)
while the older kids
walked around the pier and watched dolphins swimming

Then we played in the sand......
And... they said there was NO SAND!!!
We found a sweet red ladybird washed up on shore...
poor buggy!

Freckles had a great time soaking up the rays...
she was turning red all over!

You have to laugh at the sign above!
Notice what it says...
then look beyond the sign in the water...
Their swimming!!!

The day had come to the end....
I don't think Freckles was too thrilled that I had her get out of the water.

We caught a few more reds before we left.....

I hope you had a fun time coming to the beach with us. 
Though to you it is a cyber beach! 
Thanks for joining us no matter!
Happy Rednesday!!!


  1. Now that is a perfect CA day. I miss the ocean, even though I am surounded by water xoxox Clarice

  2. Love your reds Mica! Happy Rednesday! xxoo

  3. looks like the most delightful of days! I cant think of a place Id rather be then the beach!!
    And, I'm on my way to ocean city MD for a week on the beach in only 4 more days!!

  4. Now that looks like fun! I enjoyed the day at the beach with you, too. Happy Rednesday.

  5. Oh, didn't you use to live in WA? or am I remembering incorrectly? Lot of fun reds in this post! Love the summertime for its slower days even though it is not quite here yet.

    My old sockmonkey was shared with my bro. We had a sock elephant too which has disappeared in all of the moves. I think my bro chose to keep the monkey and I chose the elephant and that is why he has his and I have lost mine! BUT I did notice that your monkeys look more like the older type. I am wondering how you did that? Did you have to stitch the red on their mouths to get the effect and how in the world did you get to have the eye in the white part (which I think you have done if I am remembering correctly!). I use the redford sock (I think that is what they are called!)and the white part is not very big!

    nannykim/spindlecottage etc

  6. Wish I was with you guys. Sure looks like you had a wonderful time...and you did good girl finding the red,,lol..AWEsome!

  7. Wow, I felt like a spent a day at the beach. Wonderful and very creative. Looks like a fun day! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your "red scavenger hunt" at the beach. Very cool!

  9. Thanks for the trip to the beach....I have only seen the ocean a few times and it is such a spiritual thing when I do....such a vast amount of water created and put in place by our heavenly Lord......the sights ,the sounds..it just mesmerizes me....you certainly have a eye for red...enjoyed seeing all of it....hope no one got burned to bad.....blessings

  10. Oh, to be at the beach, soaking up the sun's rays, finding red all around. That sounds like one fun day to me! A great post for Rednesday!

  11. Great post! Thanks for all the summer time memories of days spent at the beach!

    Happy Rednesday,

  12. I love all your beachy reds ! Looked like a wonderful Day !

  13. Looks like such fun! Ahhhh, gotta love the ocean in the summer! Happy Rednesday!


  14. That was so sweet of you to think of red while at the beach! I've been having a hankering for the beach lately - will have to take a drive down to the Cape (Cod) soon!