Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fruit ....

Our little garden is finally producing it's fruit! 
It is very small for now...
I am just excited that it is producing something.

It really has been an exciting moment here at our house as
Freckles gathered the first little handful of 
green beans and our very first red tomato.

Our Son who is still in Washington till the end of this month..
( I miss him Sooooo much!!!)
He sent us an e-mail the other day with his insights
on a few things he has learned last week...
We sent him on vacation with some things to read as well as his
Biology book which he didn't finish before Summer.
He gave me permission to share his e-mail here on my blog.

~ E-mail From Our Son, Maestro ~

Hey Dad, It's funny, today in the closing of my Biology book I was reading about seeds and fruit, and how they grow. It is quite amazing how complicated this really is when you look at things in a different way than it is at face value. I learned there are two different types of fruits. Simple Fruits, which are categorized as Dry and Fleshy. and Complex Fruits. I don't know if you knew this but, beans, peas, peanuts, poppies, milkweed, corn, wheat, maple, elm, acorn, chestnut, sunflower, dandelion, olive, peaches, cranberries, tomatoes, cantaloupes, cucumber, oranges, lemons, apples, pears and so many more are all fruits.

I also learned different ways seeds reproduce and spread. Some reproduce through roots and some through pollen and even a few by the necessity of dying.. It is just amazing. But what I meant when I said it was funny is what I read in the commentary and the Bible. Which was about Jesus' parable of the reproducing of the kernel of wheat. It made things more impactful when I realized how much the Bible tells you things when you don't realize it as much. And when I read the parable I didn't realize much about Jesus and the parable when he was foreshadowing his death and explaining what He was doing and why it was necessary.

The Commentary is really good so far, I have enjoyed reading more into the book and how it opens more understanding for me & what each chapter is about and that Jesus is literally everything! The True Light, Renewer of life, a Gift from God, The Everflowing water of life, the Bread of Life, Joy, Savior, Judge, Shepherd and Fruit bearer. I knew that he is those things but not so much as I now do cause I am reading this. I think after reading this book I will read the book of John again in a bigger light than I did previously.
    It is pretty funny though that I got a super dose of Fruitfulness
(So to speak) 
in Biology Fruits and Spiritual Fruits.
-Your Son
P.S. Love you and Love you Mom and Freckles!

I thought that was pretty insightful ....
I knew some of those things were fruit...but not all of that!
Amazing. I am also thrilled to see him growing in his faith as well.
I just can't wait for him to come home!
Enjoy your fruits!!!!


  1. Wow, I am impressed, what a deep young man you have there. It says a lot about how he was raised and his perents. What a blessing xoxo Clarice

  2. impressive! I love seeing our kids grow in the understanding of who god is. You should be and I know you are, very proud of your young man!

  3. What a wonderful letter from you son! I bet you are both so proud of him and to see how his understanding & faith are growing :)

    About the sunscreen, isn't it absolutely crazy to see what sort of rating the popular ones have?! We were using coppertone but the following 3 were recommended to me so I've been checking out the brands: Badger (rates 1), Alba (rates 2) and All Terrain (rates 2). I'm not sure if you noticed but when you pick your sunscreen brand you can then click on its name & it takes you to another page the breaks down the UVA/UVB stuff and a little further down the pages it also give you an entire breakdown of all the ingredients in each one and how they rate for toxicity as well.

    Even though the Alba & All Terrain brands rate at a 2 they have a crazy amount of weird ingredients in them while the Badger only has a handful for the kids one and they are all things you recognize. So I'm going to pick up the Badger one :) I'm so sorry to hear that poor Freckles got some in her eyes :( But at least now you'll know that if it every happens again it will be much gentler on her body!