Friday, December 10, 2010

A Silly Christmas Photo Shoot...

I got the kids to wear their Christmas shirts and Christmas hats too!
 I told them I wanted to get a cute picture of them to remember
 our Christmas season this year.
 Maestros shirt says" Original Christmas Grinch"
 as Freckles shirt says" This is As Jolly As I Get"...
My kids as silly as they are were trying to act un~ Jolly
 because of what their shirts said except the only problem
 was they couldn't keep a straight face at the camera let alone each other!

They were busting at the seams was so funny.
 It wasn't about the picture anymore...It was just plain fun to see
 my kids laughing at each other and with each other.
It was a complete hoot I tell ya!
 This really made my day!

After the outburst of laughter and silliness
 I finally captured some sweet cheeks!

And thrilled with their picture together that we got in the end!


  1. You've got the nicest children Mica! You've clearly done something right! xxoo

  2. I love those little faces :)

    Love you