Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Gingerbread House Rock...

Another favorite activity during the Christmas season is putting together, making then eating a gingerbread house. Well... maybe not eat it, but at least munch on the candies while you decorate your house. We have been making gingerbread houses for years. This year though, it was just Freckles decorating her house since Maestro was off doing something else...Ho hum!

I decorated the table all cheery like with all my vintage doilies and candies
 so that would make the atmosphere quite cheery,
 then we put on some Christmas music and got busy.

Freckles got into it!
 She took her time icing the roof  before
 placing all the goodies on it.
 I had fun just watching her work her magic.

It turned out really sweet....
 And I mean sweet!
She was like a little elf in a toy shop,
 well maybe a candy shop....
whichever, it was fun!

Now we're off to my sisters house to bake
 Christmas cookies with our Mom and Gramma!
Happy baking!


  1. She did a great job! You provide inspiration with the table decorations.