Thursday, December 9, 2010

Canterbury Gardens.....


Freckles & I went out for morning coffee and muffins with friends then off
  to Canterbury Gardens Gifts  where we browsed around rooms
 full of trees and decorations... It was magical!

We had fun looking at all the pretty trees adorned with goodness...
We even had a few quirky moments like pretending
 we were eating the food in the kitchen room....
The trees were filled with tasty treats and candies galore.
 That was my favorite part of the shop.


Another favorite part was the back of the shop where the magic was...The sweet village with trains running through them...You could here the little whistles and toots with the chug a lugs in motion...It surely is a child's moment to watch the trains going through the tunnels and through the little towns and cottages.
 It was mesmerizing to both freckles & I.


It was a fun filled morning spent with friends....
 Until next time!!!

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  1. What a fun outing! I love those last few pics of the Christmas characters! How sweet!xxoo