Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baking Cookies Wearing Aprons....

Today we drove up to my Sister's house to do a day of baking for Christmas with her and my Mom & Gramma. The house was already filled with aromas of sweet goodies. We baked chocolate chip,sugar,surprise,snicker doodle,peanut butter,spritz and Russian tea cake cookies along with cherry cheese cakes, banana raisin bread, coconut somethings, fudge and rice crispy/cookie bars. Oh my Goodness there was tons...Which we split among ourselves in the end..... I may have to share with friends or else I'm gonna gain a million pounds over Christmas break.

I was so excited to give my "girls" their gifts I made especially for them this year...So we kinda did some early present exchanging. I made My Mom, Gramma and Sister each an apron to bake in., especially for this occasion...Well, at least it was a good place to start wearing them in. They seemed to love them! And that made me quite happy.

Here they are sporting their new baking wear.
 Aww they look so cute in them. Me so proud!!!!

For Gramma I chose this blue fabric with fruit on it since she loves blue and loves fruit...She also enjoys cooking and baking. The kitchen has alway's been her domain. She told me how her Gramma would always have them wear aprons during the times they cooked or baked and they would even have aprons to match their dresses. She wore the apron all day while we baked. I was so happy to see her enjoy the fruits of my labor.

For my Mama I made her a cheery apron in red... and she looked so festive in it. I knew it would make her happy since she tells me that she wants handmade gifts from me...She says they are the best! I am so glad she appreciated it....She looked very cute and spunky in it!

For my Sister I made a classic patchwork apron from vintage fabrics in all her colors...It even matched her cookware.... She wore it proudly in her kitchen. It was really a funky sort of apron but fit her personality to a T. Oh and each apron also came with a little spatula ornament!Yay! It sure made my day to see them wearing the aprons and to bake and sing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs was priceless. It really feels like Christmas time... Gramma got teary eyed today because she was so happy inside. We had a great time...Special moments and memories were made this weekend. And we left with some great treats!

Freckles and I still have some baking to do next week..
We enjoy making gingerbread men and sugar cookie cut outs .... Yum!
 Can't wait. Have a lovely day today and may you bake many memories this Christmas season.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time together...such pretty aprons you made them...Christmas is so much more wonderful when shared with those we love....lovely post Mica! Blessings on your Lord's day....Shelley

  2. Oh my look at all those goodies. It is soo frustrating being sick, I am soo behind on my baking. My freezer is sadly empty xoxox Clarice

  3. Handmade gifts are always the very best! I love the aprons you made for your gals, and the cookies look extremely yummy!

  4. What a Fabulous Day Together!! Beautiful Aprons. Someone needs to make YOU an Apron now. :)xoxo