Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Glimmers Of Red....

I took these pics. from a recent antique shop spree. We only window shopped, yet it was fun...I love window shopping, especially if I can take a picture of it. The sweet plaque above screamed sweet to me. A little Hummel style farm girl with chickies...too cute.
The stuffed chenille pups are so soft and darling may I add,
it gave me a little smile.

I am a sucker for old flour, sugar tins...
this one is cheerfully cherry!

Another pup...this one is leather...He is so cute,
 I bet he would just love for someone to take him for a walk.
And hearts of course...
 I love hearts!

This little embroidered towel made
 me only think of my Mr. Darling.
I love my man!
True words from the above picture...
Let your HEART be glad this day!!!
P.S I won the give away from Sweet Bee Cottages Give away!!!
See what goodies I won!
 I am so excited!!!
 Look at the sweet REDS!!!
 Thanks Sweet Bee Cottage!!!!

I started another blog....For my journey through wellness...
If you are interested in reading my long overdue
 journey to losing weight and getting well please visit
The Ugly Duckling
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  1. Im so jealous of your giveaway win! I love the two tiered server. I had one I years ago at a grage sale for 50 cents that got broken in thelast move. The red one is sweet!

  2. Congratulations on the win. It's a wonderful gift for valentines and spring. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  3. Love your reds, as always and congrats on the lucky win! xx

  4. sweet stuff! love that server. makes me want to go in search of one!
    snow day here today! yippee!
    gonna bake and create!

  5. You saw some really cute things during your window shopping spree! Those chenille pups are adorable, and I know that you could easily make some for yourself Micah, that would probably be even cuter. Congrats on your Sweet Bee win!
    Happy REDnesday!

  6. You found some really neat things on the window shopping outing. I love all of them and might have brought a few home.

  7. I like what you photographed - I'll take one of each! ;)