Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eat Cake!

Back when I was a kid they had the Easy Bake Oven...
Which still exists...Now they have Girl Gourmet...
A Cake making station kit where you can bake a cake,
 make the fondant, decorate and eat just like Ace of Cakes...
My daughters favorite thing to do is bake, so she decided
 with her Christmas money to buy this cake set.
She had fun playing with it, creating little cakes. I observed though it wasn't all that easy to make the cakes look as good as the pictures. I couldn't break her spirit and tell her I thought it was a gimmick. We made the best of it and had fun making the cakes as good as we could make them to look.
It wasn't the easiest task...
I would rather make real cakes... I think she would agree.
Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Next time, we will make better choices as to what to purchase with our money. Perhaps some real baking items and cake making equipment that she can really use and keep for when she becomes a home maker. I wish I would have suggested that earlier. Oh well, we still had fun with it and that's all that counts.


  1. Nevertheless, I think it turned out sweet! Real cakes are better for sure, but there is nothing wrong with play cakes either! (At least they can't make you fat!) xxoo

  2. There's something about "mini". Even my 17 yr old loves tiny treats and miniatures. We have an Usborne book "Fairy Cooking" that my girls have loved. When my 25 yr old was around 10 or so one of my sisters gave her for her birthday a set of mini loaf pans, a mini muffin tin, and other baking items -- which struck a nice balance between "mini" and cute, and "useful".

    Your daughter and her cake are a sweet pair!

  3. It is a sweet little cake and looks like she had a lot of fun making it...blessings

  4. That last shot is SO adorable! I think the cake turned out perfect. Hopefully it wasn't hard as a rock like the Easy Bake cakes usually turned out!

  5. how fun. I have still have my easy back oven I got for christmas in 1970 in the orginal box!

  6. I actully think it is way easier to just bake a cake but they are so fun xoxox Clarice

  7. Bri did a GREAT JOB on the Cake! Looked so yummy! And what an absolutely Beautiful Picture of Her at the end. God Bless you all this weekend Mica. :) Love, Nene