Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Blessings....

Hello friends! I was going to shoot some pictures today and forgot I gave my camera to my son for the weekend while he is up in the mountains on a Winter Retreat. Drats! I love taking pictures an boy do I feel naked without it...not really. But as most know I am a pathological picture taker. So I took some pics. out from my folders to share from the past couple weeks. The charm above was a little something I did on a low key day while the kids were off doing their own thing...I sat down and made pendants.
These sock monkey pendants were special orders by a customer who was giving them to her daughters for Valentines Day. I thought I would share how cute they turned out. It was a real blessing to have a few special orders during this season. I got to treat myself to a few fun thrifting finds over the weekend while visiting my parents. I will take pics. when I get my camera back.

These lil flowers were brought home to me by
 Mr. Darling a couple weeks ago...
Not for any other reason but just because he loves me...How sweet!
Here are the heart shaped brownies Freckles & I made for Valentines Day.
 Unfortunately we got hit with the flu for Valentines and we
 were unable to celebrate as we planned...but still got the brownies done...
Lastly while Freckles, me, my Gramma and Mom were out in the rain we were doubly blessed with this! A double rainbow. Reminds me all the time of God's blessings on us and His promises always kept. It was a sight to see....a perfect whole bow across town. though this is not my picture...because oh yeah I don't have my camera this weekend!!!! ...This is though...exactly what it looked like. Hope you all had a blessed full weekend and a great week ahead!!

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