Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Winter Retreat

My son got back from his Winter retreat up in Idyllwild California. Several of his friends from church went up with other Presbyterian Churches. They were welcomed with some snow, cabins, games, fellowship, devotions as well as church on Sunday and horsing around times of course!
It looks pretty cold up there. he said it was a great experience and better than last year. I am so glad he had the chance to go this year. He came back talking about doing a missions trip next. Prayerfully he will be able to experience that this Summer.

Here's my cute boy with a couple of his close friends...
 Awaiting a meal!

Looks like he had plenty of goofing around
 time and a few snowball fights!
And there were plenty of magical scenes among them....
I love all the snow pics. How pretty it is!
Sunday, a few of his chums dressed up nicely for Church.
They are some sharp looking guy's...let me tell you!

Lastly, this was the whole gang from our Church that went together. They had the time of their lives and made some special memories. Oh to be young again! I wish I could have gone to things such as this. I am happy for them! Hope you enjoyed the pics. I did!!! Since I wasn't there myself to see with my own eyes, I am so glad there are pictures to see the experience.
Happy Wednesday!!!!

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  1. If there is one thing I knew I would miss about California, is those gorgeous breathtaking Sierra's/Foothills and tall Pine Trees that California has. You can't beat California's Scenery on this. Love all your pictures and looks like a lot of FUN!!! So Glad he ended up going and making tons of memories with his church friends. A Missions trip would be a wonderful experience for him. Praying he get's to do that next. Hope your week has been wonderful. Love you! Nene