Monday, February 28, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons....Make Lemonade...

Hello friends!!! Hope all is well with you...It has been a bit gloomy around our parts with a chill in the air and some rain showers...Yet, doesn't bring me down.....I have plenty of sunshine in my home and lot's of citrus from my parents and friends to make lemonade. I love the citrus season...It gets me in the mood for warmer weather and sunshine & picnics. For now we picnic indoors and fill our sweet lemon pitchers full of lemony goodness. The past few years I have slowly made a collection of these sweet vintage lemon and orange juice pitchers. Each one was less than $2.00 each.  Which is pretty darn good considering.....
They are from, a starting bid of $12.00-$24.99 on Ebay. I have two 2 qt. lemon carafe pitchers & one 2 qt. orange carafe pitcher and one citrus tankered pitcher with handle....I guess these are hard to find. But I found them all thrifting through a couple of my fave shops. Not in a day...but over time.
I just love how they look filled with lemonade or water....
they are so pretty.
There are several on Ebay now, if your interested in having some for your own....
Or start hunting thrift shops and garage sales!!!
Hope y'all have a great week, whatever the weather may be.
 Lemonade sure brightens any day!!!


  1. Love those sweet pitchers ...I have one myself....I did not know they were that sought bless you are to have an abundance of them and lemons too....produce is very high in our neck of the woods right way could I afford to purchase enough lemons to make lemonade but,it does sound tasty....the sunshine is shining through my little kitchen window this morning,making me happy......wanted to share with you...I am having a little give away at my Raggedy Ann blog... Go check it out,if you like...blessings,Shelley

  2. Bright and cheery post. I love those pitchers and glass is so much better than plastic.

  3. Love your cheery, sunny, springtime-summery pitchers & glasses you collected over time. Your delicious lemonade is making me thirsty. LOL... lucky you to have so many lemons too. Have you ever made 'lemon bars?'Would love to try some. Hope you enjoy your Day. xoxo, Nene

  4. Oh I love your collection. It is soo you!! xoxox Clarice