Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Women Create....

You won't find me in one of those books or the magazines of Where Women Create... For I don't have a space of my own to work in. I used to have spaces where I could set up a studio or even a corner...But now, I have to work out of bins and create at the kitchen table. And, believe me I am a messy crafter! This is truly a test or even a character issue of contentedness... Let alone tidiness... I miss having a spot where I can decorate and make a mess in.... perhaps another season I will have one again. For now I lug around all my supplies to the table and work. This weekend I really made a mess of the table while creating my collage pieces. Everything was out...even the kitchen sink.

I have had so much fun, that it really didn't matter if I had a room of my own. I even left the mess out past the weekend, which I will have to pick up before Wednesday Bible study.....
  Two prints are ready in
my shop
 With a third one in the works! 

So, I don't have a beautiful craft space to show you. But hey!
 The magic doesn't just happen in a special craft room...It can happen anywhere!
 Even my kitchen table, or yours.
Happy creating to you, wherever your spot may be!


  1. Hi doll! I created in at my kitchen for years! Its only been the last two years that I've had a craft room. I had to wait for my daughter to move out! eiy yie yie! Love the craft room , but I do miss Jen being here. well, shes 29 now, so it really was time for her to fly. She actually had lived away from home for 4 years while she was in college..but that didnt count, I couldnt take over her room then!
    LOVE your bee print!
    and love you!
    happy day

  2. When I craft it's always at my kitchen table or piled up in the middle of my bed :)
    What cuteness you created......your hands are blessed to create.....Shelley

  3. You always make the nicest, cutest things Mica, so it's proof that it doesn't matter where you're doing your creating! I have a space in the basement, but who wants to work down there? I always work on our kitchen table too, and thankfully I have a very patient husband who doesn't mind stepping in glitter. I have a feeling that he might actually sparkle at work some days!

  4. That's what I call "real life"! I've been trying to set up an art/craft area in our playroom, and have 2 huge 6ft folding tables up there for it -- but they've been covered with homeschooling books that I've been sorting through to get ready to hold a sale -- so no crafting yet up there.

    I love your owl person collage - and the fun font on your blog.


  5. I know the feeling...I only have my desk to create on and it is such a mess while I am working. It all works out where ever you create but oh what a mess !!! It is a true sign that you are a true artist !

    Love the Rooster cup