Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicken Chit Chat & Chicken Noodle Dumpling Soup.....

When I was about 8 or 9 my dad moved us out to a farming city where his dream was to have a horse ranch of some sort. We rented a little old house on a tiny plot of land and started our "country" life with chickens. He came home with 50 eggs and an incubator. There they sat as I eagerly awaited the Chickie's arrival. One by one they hatched except one that was having a terrible time at it. So I gently pulled the she'll away helping her out. She was little, yet lived through the whole ordeal. I was given the job as the chicken keeper...My duties were to clean out the coop and make sure they were watered and fed. I ended up spending much of my time with them...They became sort of friends to me. Time wore on as they grew in their feathers, it was time for them to venture out into the pens outside. The one little runt with a crooked little neck...The one I helped out of the egg was abused by the group...she ended up running into my arms from then I adopted her as my very own pet...Later my dad built her own home so she could live in peace... Poor dear ended up in a tragic death several years later. I miss her to this day.
 Read here to learn more about my special chicken.
Little did I know after all the love and attention I gave to all those chickens that their little lives were just about to come to an end. I had no clue that the plan was to use them for meat! Sadly the day came where my dad and a couple other fellow's were over setting up the scene...and every chicken I hand raised died that day...except for my sweet little red hen of course. I was devastated, I weeped for days and decided then...i would never eat chicken again! And so I did not eat chicken for a very long time.
I don't know how long it took, but somewhere along the line I must have eaten it again.That didn't keep me from having a tender spot for the little creatures. I have fond memories of having many chickens when I was young. We had my sweet dusty and started to raise layers later on. It was always my job to keep the coop. I remember enjoying it immensely. With that... I have yearned to have chickens again... Freckles and i have a whole list of names we picked out for future girlies. Ahhh..Maybe someday! For now I can periodically visit our friends girls... Which they have also gifted us with beautiful eggs to use in my kitchen on many occasions.

Then there are the few I have in my kitchen...Nothing fancy...Just little doo dads I thought I would share with you. I also wanted to share the yummy recipe I put together on a whim the other night!
Chicken Noodle & Dumpling Soup
3 large carrots
2 celery stocks
4 green onions
1 large white onion
10 cups of water
10 tsp. chicken bouillon...We used Maggi which you can find in the Mexican section..
(Love the flavor verses Knorr bouillon...Personal opinion, Grin)
1 bag ABC noodles or egg noodles or perhaps 1 1/2 Cups.'s up to you.
Bisquick for making the dumplings ( follow package directions or make them from scratch)
a couple dashes of pepper to taste.
First I started to boil my water while cutting all the veggies...You can add whatever you want veggie wise...I made it pretty simple. Add your bouillon to the boiling water, then add all your cut up veggies, then add your uncooked chicken breasts to the water and boil low until veggies are tender and chicken is cooked through. I then took the chicken pieces out and cut them up into bits adding it back to the water along with my noodles. Let that boil low for the next 10 minutes. Make your dumpling mixture as directed...Place balls of dough on top of soup... Cover 10 minutes then take lid off put on simmer and cook for 10 more minutes. Your done! It's easy as that..It's flavorful and the whole family is going to love it! Mine did!
It made enough to have leftovers for dinner the next
 night plus lunch the following day after that!
 So enjoy!
thanks for going down memory lane once again...
Hope y'all have a great remainder of this week!!!
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  1. Sweet post Mica...I remember a few times we too harvested chicks we had raised...I was about 16 and had the job of cleaning and bagging them for the freezer....I couldn't get past the feeling of their warm bodies as I had never handle anything but,cold chicken meat from the freezer when cooking it. My Regina which lives just next door has a brood of hens and a couple of Roosters which are fun to sat on the porch and watch...and the hens supply all of us with wonderful fresh eggs. She wouldn't dream of eating her friends :) She is now raising two young turkeys,Christmas and Thanksgiving and no they won't be for dinner either...just pets! Maybe I will take some pictures and share them on my blog soon...

  2. Oh my word could I ever go for a bowl of that soup right now. It looks amazing Mica. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Love your story about your chicken pet and it always makes me smile. You know that my Mom and Dad raised chickens when I was small too. I never became attached to them but I remember them being in a box with a light on them so they would stay warm and yes I remember Grama butchering was not too tramatic except when she would chop off the head and the chicken would still run around for a few minutes without it. Really! This is true.

    One year at Easter time my Daddy brought home a dozen chicks to raise and butcher but they were yellow, pink and blue. That was so fun to have easter colored chicks for Easter. They are cute when they are chicks.

    Our neighbor just started raising chickens. His are just chicks too. He has the pleasure of chicken coop duty. Bless your little heart, that is hard work.
    Love this post

  4. WOW!!!! I loved this Story so much I asked your brother about it. He totally remembered and got into the story with me too. He thought and added with a laugh that your Chicken was just like a Human. LOL... I read this last week, and just now leaving this comment... cause I was meaning to. I hope you get some more Chicken in the future too. I am sure they would love you just like that other "little chicken you raised as a little girl. I kept picturing "Laura Ingalls" (Wilder) sounded just like one of her stories from Little House on the Prairie too. Love you...