Thursday, April 21, 2011

In The Kitchen...

There has been lot's of cooking going on in my kitchen. From last week for my birthday to this weeks treats for Easter. I will show ya the treats I am making for Easter up next.... I decided to do all homemade goodies for my kids this year in their baskets! Can't wait!!! For now I am sharing the goodness that occurred last week in my little cucina. I made a ton of cupcakes...big and small for our Bible study small group last Wednesday! They were gone in a matter of seconds!

I have also been on a soup kick lately...This one is a special soup recipe called Frikadeļu zupa from my Great Grandmother. My Gramma taught me how her Mother made it back in Latvia many years ago. So, I tried my hand at it and made myself a birthday dinner. Thanks to my Gramma...I did good. The base is a broth using chicken bullion then i added potatoes, carrots, garlic clove, celery, parsley, green onion, onion, diced tomato with a bit of green chili, celery,cabbage and little melt in your mouth meatballs then topped it with sour cream and a few snips of green onion ..oh yeah and there was some salt and pepper to taste...It was great! And now a soup I will surely make on a regular basis...
Plus it is very healthy since everything it is fresh!

Oh and did I mention the red velvet cake my dear Mr. Darling surprised me with? Yup...He didn't make it...But the thought counts and we enjoyed it too! There is actually some left..can you believe! If it doesn't get eaten by tomorrow it will have to go in the trash..I'd hate to do it but, I am feeling caked out...I can't believe I said that...Since I love cake!

Then there's breakfasts during the week. I already shared the birthday waffles...We also eat stuff like oatmeal or toast with eggs and bacon. I just had to share the small container I found thrifting which matches the bigger one I found thrifting last year! So, I keep my oatmeal in the big one and sugar in the other...So cute! Great find too! I was excited and yes, I giggled and did a happy dance!
Oh let us not forget the Thomas Muffin brand thin bagels with sesame seeds and bits of onion on it slathered with real butter...I have the perfect kitchen contraption for my butter now. Thanks to my Aunt who gave it to me from our family yard sale several weeks back. It's called a butter bell. You put real butter in the bell part then place it into the container which is filled with cold water..This enables you to keep your butter out of the fridge for days as you change the water every few days..The butter will not spoil...I researched they came from France and works very well as you can spread your butter with ease instead of refrigerated butter that makes it hard to spread nicely. I just love doo dads that are useful and unique! You can find them through Ebay or their site butter bell. Well, I am off to plan out all the goodies that will be cooking up for celebration. Wishing you a Happy day!


  1. That red velvet cake looks yummmmy! Oh, I love me some red velvet cake. And that butter dish is so cool too. We leave our butter on the counter too. Nothing better than soft butter to spread on toast.

  2. Soup sounds delish. The butter bells work soo great!! Clarice

  3. Looks really good and I hope it is all good for you. Yummy!!