Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Breakfast Table....

I am so excited!
I was out yesterday running errands and picking up Freckles from her friends house and decided to look real fast through a passing Thrift store. There it was right in front a me....A sweet little vintage table and two chairs. Surely, it would too much for my pocket book. I only had $25.00 from my birthday gifted from my dear MIL. I got out and took a wee look...and asked the guy how much. He said...Well, how about $85.00 and I'll give you half off! Hmmm....Nope still too much for me. I got the gull up to ask if he'd take $20.00...He thought for a minute and said... How about $25.00!!! I said, or shall I say I screeched YES!!! I'll take it!!!

So, I came home with a cute table and two chairs for the amount I was willing to spend... I cleaned it up with Ajax...It was dirty!!! Then I decorated it this morn for a sweet Springy breakfast!

I got out all my cute reds, yellows and white vintage stuff and went at it!
Check out this funny lil Chick with a polka dot scarf...I got her at the Dollar Tree.
As a center piece I placed some of my fun soda pop bottles
 on a ceramic dish and put some flowers in them.
I used my red chargers from my Sister which she got from Target. Yellow plates originally from Ross priced at $3.99 each...I got them at a Garage sale for one buck each! And, they were still new with price stickers. Red and white plates I bought a couple years back from The Dollar Tree. Red napkins gifted to me for Christmas from my SIL & Brother, and the sweet whimsical dishes I got from my Sil & Brother as a birthday gift this month! So sweet!!! I love how all the colors and patterns go with each other. I also used my polka dot glasses from Target!

I am already planning to re-cover the chair seats in reds...
Probably will be quilted patchwork or something. I can see it now!
So, then I made a french toast with eggs and bacon breakfast and a glass of milk!
We enjoyed the morning sitting around my new table. I just love a bargain!!! 

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  1. What a great find and bargain Mica! I love it and I think your table setting is just so sweet and adorable. I Love it too! xxoo

  2. Love that tablescape. I love anything with red. You were able to make everything work together so well. That makes me want to get out those old Coke bottles and put flowers in them...

  3. great barbain! and youve dressed it all up so beautifully! look! Even your bacon is ruffled! happy friday my friend. Ive survived the past two days, now back to work today..then easter weekend begins!
    have a lovely!

  4. You are a real bargain shopper, Mica! Great job getting that sweet table and chairs for only $25. You decorated it so sweetly, and I think you're going to have loads of fun changing it out for each season!
    Happy Easter,

  5. Oh Mica!!! Everything Looks so Warm and Beautiful. I absolutely love your new Kitchen Nook and dinette Set, table, chairs, dishes, accessories and ALL!! What a Blessing and Fabulous Find. I wish I had some of that delicious breakfast you make. :)Looks so YUMMY!! Love some of the Links you are joining up with today... I added one link too. Looks like fun. Sending Tons of Love and Hugs your way this "Good Friday". I hope we chat today. Ty is off and the kids are home. Happy Resurrection (Easter) To you all. Love you!!

  6. I quess one of the things I like about blogging. We get to go thrifting . What a thrill when we find something we fall for at bargain prices. Love the reds and whites. So fun and colorful. Love it

  7. That little table and chairs are wonderful! What an awesome find and deal! Way to thrift! And the table setting is so cute with all the adorable details. Everything looks fabulous! Thank you for joining TTF. I hope you have a lovley Easter!

  8. Mica I am so happy you were able to find something special that you really wanted with the birthday money. The table and chairs look really nice in front of that window. What a lucky day huh?

    Your colors just make the whole thing. Oh and the are making me hungry :)

    Love you sweetie

    Happy Easter

  9. Mica,
    This is a great find. It is very cute in this space and you decorated it so charming. Love the bright colors! Have a lovely Easter. Thanks for linking it up!

  10. You go girl! I love your sweet little spot - so charming and those bright colors always draw me in. Your soda bottle bud vases are too cute.

  11. Just precious - love how cheery the reds are!

  12. fabulous colors & very festive! Definitely worth a link-up! -diane

  13. I love it! What a great find deary!

  14. I love all the RED! My kitchen has lots of red elements to it. Your tablescape turned out adorable and what a bargain on the table. You totally scored.

    Please stop and see my entry for At the Picket Fence.


  15. What a sweet table, I need to do this! I am not sure where but I love it xoxo Clarice

  16. Oh I love it. What a fabulous find and just perfect for that spot. I adore your tablescape. Such fun things. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  17. What a great find, this so adorable and the way you tablescaped, it's simply gorgeous, cheery and happy! Loving all that red and also the much fun for the kids, bet they love it!

  18. Oh so cute i like those reds. Mine is up.

  19. What a sweet spot you have created.

  20. love the vintage look of the red and yellow seems so much like home to me welcoming and comforting come see my entry at

  21. I am embarrassed no to have been to visit in such a long time....I have been a neglectful friend...and I twill have your coffee cozy to send you. Those two Photoshop courses I took almost did me in, and all of my focus has been on my other Climbing blog instead of my Buttons one. I could not believe it when I just pulled up your precious new design. I LOVE IT. It is sweet and whimsical...just the way I think of your and your Freckles. Another homeschooling year is coming to an end. I know you all have accomplished much. Freckles is souse very fortunate to have such a loving and caring mom. Be good, and I am going to work on posting to my Buttons more ofter. Hugs and love, Genie