Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old Town Window Shopping.....

One of the things Freckles and I enjoy doing is walking around Old Town and window shopping through the shops. We did just that over the weekend after her friend went home from sleeping over and while my boy's were busy doing their thing. Mr. Darling was busy writing a paper for school and Maestro was off washing cars for his Missions trip fundraiser. We browsed through our favorite Country shop...Rooster creek.
We love just simply looking around...Of course it's always fun to buy something...
 But when your on a budget...Window shopping it is!
Freckles enjoyed all the primitive folk art dolls...And the funny bunny pictured with her.
 Poor thing has some huge eyes...He must eat lot's of carrots!
We had fun...Even in the heat...
We stopped of to get some sweet iced tea as a treat!
Wow that just rhymed.
Tee Hee.
Oh...And look what's out!!! STRAWBERRIES!!!
I plan to buy a whole flat of them again next week so we can make jam!
We are on our last strawberry jam from last year! Can't wait!!!
I hope your weekend has been as lovely as ours.
 Have a Happy Sunday!


  1. Looks like a great place to window shop! well, and shop shop! Glad you had a nice day with Freckles. I shopped yesterday with my Bethany, her boyfriend and my little Torry Pie for easter. I definitely over spent on my baby and on easter candy! Had the babys pic taken with the easter bunny and went out to eat. we had a fun day. Daughters are the best friends to go shopping with dont ya think?
    have a blessed sunday.
    I.. have... to ... do... our.. taxes.....

  2. So fun there is much eye candy where you live xoxox Clarice

  3. What a SWEET Mother and Daughter outing!! I loved the pictures and Freckles looks so cute holding up that doll. Wow... how fun! I love Window shopping, but I laugh, cause I can't even handle "That". I get too tempted to buy. LOL... I really enjoyed those pictures. Hope your weekend and "Palm Sunday" was a Blessing to everyone. Have a Wonderful Week... Love you!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time of window shopping....thanks for bringing us your previous post as well...children books are a favorite of mine as well....blessings on your week dear Mica..