Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tid Bits...

Just a quick post to say hello.
It has been a week since I got hit with the flu. To top it all off my whole family got it. I have so much to do, just needing to shake off this flu before I can get anything done, this is the first day in a week I haven't had a fever. I have some sewing plans in store for Freckles and more canning. Sadly I don't have a garden full of food to can so I have to get it from the market...awaiting prices to drop on fruit. With Memorial Weekend upon us prices went down for cherries and peaches...
looks like some canning is in store after all!

I also have lot's of cooking to do to prepare for Maestro and Freckles Piano recital/Czech Soiree fundraiser. I mentioned over a month ago my son will be going to Czech/Praha for a three week missions trip this Summer. We have been trying to raise money for his trip with the garage sale we had last month, a car wash and the soiree this weekend...We are setting it up like a dinner music theatre with over 12 pianists playing and Czech food. I hope to get pictures for ya all to see
I will end with that ...short but sweet. Please keep our family in prayer for getting better.
Wishing you all good health in return.


  1. Hope you are feeling better as you seem to have a lot going on and need your energy I am sure.

  2. Hope you all feel better very soon! Your Czech Soiree sounds like it will be wonderful.


  3. prayers sent!! feel better soon!

  4. Your family has had your bouts with sickness indeed. Praying all of you are over the flu bug very soon and feeling much better....blessings dear Mica...

  5. Your amazing! and I love you, I am sorry you have been sick! I have been sick since March 23rd, I am just now getting better, but it doesn't help when you have 2 jobs... or Two kids :) God is good and he's provided me the strength I'vd needed when I've needed it.

    I love you! miss you will call you soon!