Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Cinnamon Biscuits & Photo Tips...

Good day!
 I just wanted to pop in and thank you for the well wishes through comments and e-mails. Friday was a better day for me except Freckles got the same thing now...Poor dear was a mess all day with a sore throat and low grade fevers. I am sure she will feel much better for the zoo today. We will take it slow with Gramma and Great Gramma. Oh yeah, I wanted to share this recipe I actually shared back in 2009... very simple recipe for Cinnamon Biscuits here. As I was photographing these...I thought I could share with you how I take care of my dark pictures. Number one I don't have a high end camera...Just a little camera that was less than $100 bucks. I am not complaining... I am very thankful to even have a camera to capture moments. One day though...I will invest in a very nice camera...For now... I deal.
Alright that being said... I love taking pictures...I don't like using flash, since it really makes pictures look blah. So if I don't have enough light during the day I have to tweak and edit it through my picture program... I store all my pictures on is free...I can then crop, enhance etc... there or there is an option you click through Picnik....These photos I edited with Picnic.
Notice how this photo is dark....I uploaded it to Picasa then clicked the Picnik button option. Then I clicked Edit...Then clicked exposure. I moved the top bar to the right adjusting the exposure setting to about 26 and the bottom bar contrast to about 31. Then I clicked save to Picasa... You then have the option to save a new copy or replace...I usually press replace..unless I am going to edit that same picture in different manners.
You will have to play around with the exposure/contrast as well as other effects you want to accomplish. I love it...I have found that tweaking my pics. they really look better. Some pics. are harder to edit than others though... If a room is wayyyyy too dark...The picture itself will look fuzzy even when you try to edit it. Unless you have a realllly good camera that is. I have also become the best of friends with my crop button option... I just love that you can cut out unwanted background or surrounding area...It brings your subject in so much closer. You also have the option to sharpen a picture if you think it is a bit blurry...
This too has helped with many pictures.
I am pretty happy with most of my picture results. I can't complain too much... Again I am grateful to even capture a picture at all. I hope this has helped a little. Perhaps you already knew all this...Perhaps you learned something new... I hope you can benefit either way. By all means...If you have any tips for me...please send me an e-mail or a comment. I'd love to hear your take on making photos better when you have a mediocre camera!

 I hope this will inspire you to embrace
 your cameras this weekend and shoot some photos and give them some sparkle!
P.S This is only my opinions and my own experience. I  am not a professional and have no clue really what I am talking about when it comes to photography...Only what I have personally learned from experience and playing with my own photo's.
Have a delightful weekend!!!!!


  1. I learned something! We have Picassa but I didn't realise you could edit so well in it, so Thanks I will have a play!
    The cinnamon rolls look delicious, I love them and must make some tomorrow for breakfast.

  2. I love Picasa!! It is fun playing with the image and being creative. So glad you are feeling better. Crazy/busy week for me too, sorry I haven't' been by. Ty was in Atlanta, Georgia all week (goes back 6/8-12.) And when he was gone, Gabe was sick too. He was well enough to go back to school yesterday. We were happy to see him home last night. I hope Freckles feels great today. Have fun with everyone. Take more Fun Pictures, as I know you will (wink) Celebrating my "Birthday Weekend." Monday is the day... Love you sis!! Miss you... xoxox

  3. Your rolls look so good. My favorite you know?

    Hope you got to feeling well enough to have a fun time with Grandma and Great Grandma at the zoo. I bet those rolls helped huh?

    I have used Picasa for years and it has many features to help the appearance of your photos. I love it !!

  4. I am so sorry she is sick. I hope she is better now xoxo Clarice

  5. Your blog and photos are always so fresh and vivid! You do an amazing job with a less expensive camera--which demonstrates that art depends more on the artist than the equipment. (Although I'm praying you are blessed with an even better camera!)

    I hope you are all feeling better, and those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious!