Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Backyard BBQ....

Summer nights are here!
 Freckles and I decided to set up camp in the backyard and have a backyard BBQ with the guy's.
We set up the whole yard just for the occasion. Cooked up some burgers, pork~n~beans,
Corn on the cob and fresh picked tiny plums from our trees.
The table was set and ready
 for an evening outdoors.

Yummy burgers in a basket!!!

Don't you just love it when you catch
 someone with their mouth full?

Or when they have a mouth full of food and make faces...."Freckles"!!!
 MMMM...There is my handsome Mr. Darling...I love that guy, dimples and all!!
Freckles and Maestro played a bit of guitar....
Mr. Darling promised to teach Freckles guitar this Summer....How exciting!!!
Be sure to come back and see our backyard campground up close...
Happy Summer Nights!


  1. Mica dear, your pictures are not showing up here! hopefully easy to fix? I'll come back later to check again.. I really want to see them, cause Im sure they are adorable!
    have a good day my friend

  2. OH! That looks simply delightful! I love you guys and miss you more than anything. I wanna come down soon, Donovan is talking about it and asked me this weekend, But I have been terribly sick.

    You have been having great weeks by the look of your posts! I love it and I live vicariously through you!

    Love you all

    your sissy,


  3. Looks like a lot of fun Mica.
    Love you all

  4. Everything looks so Great, so fun and so festive with all the matching outdoor decor, colors and food dishes. What an amazing summer tradition you have. I remember "camping in the backyard" too with my family. :) Your pictures are lovely. Are you taking Photography classes? They look so professional. LOL... Enjoy the rest of your week. Miss "y'all"... Love from Texas... xoxoxo

  5. Yum!! I'm so glad we took back our backyard so that we can cook out and enjoy our deck once again.

    My daughter would love to play guitar, unfortunately, I don't know how to play either. I bet you all have a lot of fun playing and singing.

  6. I do love the photos you take...mouths full or not! ;)