Monday, June 13, 2011

Watch Out!

My son maestro finally went to take his behind the wheel test at the DMV last week. He worked really hard getting to this point...with reading the driving manual front to back numerous of times, taking all the tests and behind the wheel training for six hours as well as driving with us....It was a big day
He didn't seem nervous at all.... Off he went...I sat with our sweet friend
 for 20 minutes waiting anxiously for him to get back...hoping he would pass of course.
He gets back from his test...Happy as can be!
 Woot...Woot...He did it...He did it!!!!
He passed!!!
So watch out, there's another driver on the road....
 We are confident he will be careful and do good...It's the other crazy drivers that concern me. So, I guess I have some mixed feelings about it...Yet, I know that this would have come sooner or later anyway. It just adds to my anxiety. It is so hard to believe that this little boy of mine is spreading his wings and moving onto bigger things. This Fall he will begin college, driving, a job...Ahhhhh!!!!
What's a Mama to do?
After his test...we decided to go out and celebrate...Maestro drove us home to pick up Mr. Darling and Freckles then off to lunch at Red Robins we went! It was a happy day...A accomplishment! Bitter sweet...yet very happy for him.
So how do you cope with such changes with your babies?
This is all happening too fast... I wish life would just slow down....I am not completely ready to let go.
have a great day...Any good advice is always welcome!


  1. No real advice on how to cope, unfortunately. I had led a happy life without ever having a cell phone and no intention of getting one -- until my now 23 yr old got her license when she was 16. All it took was her first driving venture to "the mall", some afternoon thunderstorms -- and I knew I couldn't stand the stress. The next Monday -- cell phones for her and me.

    I'd like to say it gets easier with the next one -- but it doesn't. It does help to talk with my mom and know she had the same worries, and we all did fine.

    And as to them getting older -- well, grandchildren are a whole lot of fun -- and you get to have all the fun with them and none of the "burdens" (although my grandchildren are via our 25 yr old, who is bipolar so in reality that carries its own set of "burdens").


    You don't have to let go Mama, you can just sit back and watch him grow into this wonderful young man that he is becoming. There is joy and happiness ahead with Vinnie. So Hold on tight!

    Love you guys

  3. Wow... what a proud moment Mica!! My heart is "jumping right along with you." I don't have advice, but you will for me when I get there... haha! I can't be more happier for you all. It's amazing how fast time flies. I remember Vinnie being a little boy at my wedding. :( Gosh... Well, many more Joys ahead I am positive of it. Please Tell him congrats from his Aunt Nene. Love you ...

  4. Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so wonderful...but too big for hims britches!